Preconstruction Condo Phases You Need To Know

Several construction phases take place before a condominium is ready to move in. Let us have a look on the faces of the construction condominiums.

Preconstruction sales

This is a phase in which a condominium developer is looking for funds. The units are sold even before the construction work starts. A developer will try his best to sell the maximum units to generate as much revenue as he can. Generally, they have a target to sell at least 70% of the building.


There are different phases of toronto pre construction condos sales. This is the first phase in which the developer will sell the units to his friends. This is the time when he will give a good discount. This will allow his friends to choose the best condominium as this is the beginning of the sale.

Platinum launch

This is the next phase in which condominium developers will contact real estate agents to sell their units. This phase also offers the lowest prices. If you buy with the help of a platinum agent, then you will not only get a big discount, you will also get access to your desired units. In other words, we can say that you have the opportunity to choose the best units for you.

VIP launch

In this phase,a condominium developer will make available all the suits. This includes those units or suits thathe may not have offered earlier.

Public launch

As the name suggests, this is a public offer and all the interested buyers can contact the developer directly. Developer’s salecenter will deal with the enquiries and visitors without any intermediaries. You will notice an increase in price.

Construction phase

toronto pre construction condos developer will leave no stone unturned to sell at least 70% of their condominiums before they start the construction process. It depends on how soon your chosendeveloper sells his building. The more time he will take the more delay you will notice in the construction phases. In this situation, you can take the help of an experienced real estate agent. He will take you to those developers, which have a reputable position in the industry. These developers always stick to their construction timeline.


Remember that interim occupancy will start sooner on lower floors in comparison with higher flows. Even if the condominium is ready to move in, but there are several areas of the building which may be under construction process like common spaces and amenities.

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