Why Would You Use an Oil Filter Crusher?

In almost any busy auto shop, old oil filters can stack up for you in a rush and be a disposal nightmare. An oil filter crusher can help you save money and time by reduction of them lower to manageable size and allowing you to get rid of them legally and correctly. When the Environmental protection agency investigates and discover you aren’t getting rid of your oil filters correctly you may be fined lots of money. If you’re outsourcing your oil filter disposal to a different company, the Environmental protection agency can continue to come once you if they’re not getting rid of them properly and legally. The very best option would be to get it done yourself with the proper equipment.

Used oil filters are full of old oil and sludge and are called hazardous waste through the Environmental protection agency. The used oil is held in the filter by having an anti-backflow valve that stops the oil from flowing out. So attempting to shake that old oil out or letting sit upside lower on the drain won’t would you worthwhile. Just the shear pressure of the oil filter crusher can remove all of the material too the satisfaction from the Environmental protection agency. The pressure accustomed to crush the filter pushes 95% from the oil and sludge in the filter. This method leaves you scrap metal that may be offered to scrap yard.

At Red Hill Supply, we feature the John Dow jones DOWAFC100-94 oil filter crusher. The kodak playtouch camcorder requires 85 psi of shop air and it has a effective hydraulic system for crushing automotive filters. (There’s a bigger unit for bigger filters). JohnDow Industries has developed in the automotive aftermarket business for more than twenty years plus they serve mainly service bay operations. They provide from used oil systems to vehicle exhaust products. The hydraulic system within this unit is produced by SPX OTC. SPX may be the largest automotive hydraulic manufacturer in the united states. What this means is you will find approved service centers throughout for warranty repairs.

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