How Using Custom Window Curtains Can Enhance Your Room Decor

A Turkish poet once said, “The windows of the houses — even if the house is ramshackle — are always beautiful, because windows represent light.”

Whether you live in a small apartment or an enormous mansion, the windows are undoubtedly the focal point of each room. How can you draw attention to the windows in your home and give them an elegant look?

The key lies in finding the right custom window curtains to match your home’s decor. Of course, curtains also play a practical role in providing privacy and shade, as well as helping to control the temperature in each room.

How can you combine all the factors and find unique window curtains for your home? Keep reading to find out!

5 Types of Custom Window Curtains

It’s intimidating to decorate windows. If you leave them bare, they look naked and your house appears unfinished. But if you go overboard with shades and curtains, you’ll block out too much light (and turn your home into a dungeon).

To help you find the right balance, let’s briefly consider the most common types of window treatments and how to use them in your home.

  1. The Valance

Before you can hang curtains, you’ll need to install hooks, rods, and other pieces of hardware above your windows. Many homeowners start their window decoration with a valance to hide the unsightly bits of hardware.

A valance, also called a window top treatment, is a small piece of fabric that covers only the very top of the window. They’re usually (but not always) paired with curtains or drapes to form a cohesive look.

Valances can be made with almost any type of fabric, from silk or jacquard to cotton, linen, or polyester. The fabric can be layered, pleated, arched, pointed, or scalloped, depending on the style you prefer.

  1. Curtains & Drapes

The same fabrics for window valances are also commonly used for curtains and drapes. Choices are endless when it comes to color, length, opacity, texture, and patterns.

To create a simple, elegant look in any room, opt for classic white or off-white linen drapes. These complement virtually any type of interior decor without attracting too much attention (or blocking too much sunlight).

What if you want to use your curtains as a statement piece of the room? You have your choice of a bold color or a bold pattern — or both. From floral to geometric, bright blue to dramatic red, the sky’s the limit if you want unique window curtains that stand out in the room.

  1. Shades & Sheers

During the summertime (and the spring and fall, depending on where you live), you’ll likely want to allow more light into your home. How can you find the right balance between natural light and glare? And how can you maintain a comfortable temperature in your home without racking up the heating and cooling bill?

The answer is another popular type of window treatment: shades and sheers. A solid, neutral roller shade is easy to move up and down as you need more (or less) light in the room. If it’s within your budget, larger windows may benefit from a motorized solar shade to control the amount of light entering the home.

A simpler option is to switch out your heavier wintertime drapes for lighter, airier sheers. These are an attractive addition to any set of windows, allowing plenty of light to come in while eliminating glare. Neutral tones are a popular option, although a colorful solid or fun pattern could create an interesting focal point too.

  1. Window Blinds

If you prefer the look of wood, bamboo, or other natural elements, you’re a good candidate for window blinds.

Forget those hideous gray vertical blinds that hung in your first apartment. Today’s modern blinds are sleek, stylish, and easy to install.

Enhance the look of your kitchen or bathroom with a woven waterfall wooden shade. Bamboo roll-up blinds are a great option for living rooms and bedrooms. Or, for a more retro feel, go for horizontal wood slated blinds that never go out of fashion.

  1. Custom Photo Window Curtains

To really make a standout statement, consider printing your favorite photo onto Vision Bedding personalized window curtains.

Did you snap an amazing photo of a sunset in Hawaii? Did your most recent family portrait turn out well? What about celebrating your favorite sport, hobby, or travel destination on a custom curtain?

Custom photo window curtains are a fun idea in the children’s room, a game room, or anywhere else you want to add your own personality.

How to Choose Unique Window Curtains

With so many options, how can you decide which curtains are the best choice for your home?

To answer that, move through each room of your house and consider the windows one by one. Ask yourself these questions for every set of windows:

  • How much light do you want to allow into the room?
  • How much light do you want to keep out of the room?
  • How much privacy do you need in this room (for example, a ground-floor bathroom)?
  • How easy (or difficult) is it to maintain the temperature in the room?
  • Are the window curtains you’re considering safe for young children and pets?
  • What type of decor do you already have in the room?
  • Do you want your window treatments to blend in or stand out?

Take your time as you move from room to room. If it helps, write down your thoughts about possible treatments for each set of windows. Then, when you start shopping, you’ll have a much clearer idea of what to look for.

Which Curtains Are Right for Your Home?

Windows can be overwhelming to decorate. It’s hard to strike the balance between “not enough” and “too much.”

By using the tips outlined above, you’ll be able to find custom window curtains that are “just right” for your home.

Now that you’re an expert in unique window curtains, what’s next? Keep browsing our site for more great reads like this one!

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