How Long Does It Take to Sell a House? The Timeline Explained

In 2016, there were about 1.8 million people who were buying a house for the first time.

With even more people looking to buy a house today, how long does it take to sell a house? 

If you’re looking to sell your house, make sure you keep reading to figure out how long the process might take. 

How Long Does it Take to Sell a House on Average?

On average, a house will stay on the market for about twenty-four days. However, it might be longer or shorter than that. 

Once you find someone who is ready to make an offer, you might have to wait another month. This month consists of going back and forth between the escrow company, title company, appraiser, home inspector, mortgage lender, yourself, and the buyer. 

After everything is cleared in that month, signing all of the actual paperwork to close only takes about one and a half hours.

Depends on Location

One thing that will determine how long it takes to sell your home is depending on the location. If your home is in a neighborhood that is in a good school zone or near a hot spot, more people will want to live there. 

You may even be able to charge more money for your home! If you ask your realtor the average time for your neighborhood, they’ll be able to look it up for you. 

Depends on Condition of Home

Another thing that will determine how long it takes to sell is how good of a condition the house is in. If it’s in great shape, your house will only be on the market for a little bit. 

However, if it’s cluttered or needs repairs, you may need to lower the price a little bit in order to find a buyer. If you still can’t find a buyer, we buy houses!

Things That Can Delay It

There are a few things that can delay the process of closing and selling your home. 

In some cases, you’ll be able to fix these to sell your house faster, but most of them will be out of your control. 

Financing Issues

One problem you won’t be able to control is if the buyer has financing issues. It’s up to the buyer to work out the deal with their lender to make sure that they can actually buy the property. 

However, if they’re working closely with the lender, any issues can be squashed quickly.

Closing Issues

They might also have issues with liens, bankruptcies, or judgments. Title issues can take a long time to work out, maybe even months.

If you have this issue, you may want to think about hiring a real estate attorney to help you out.

Learn More About The Quickest Way to Sell a House

These are only a few factors to consider when wondering how long does it take to sell a house? 

We know that getting your house ready for sale can be exhausting and overwhelming, but we’re here to help you out! 

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