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YouTube has entertained and taught new skills to a whole generation. According to Web.com Reviews, there are plenty of talented artists on YouTube who teach and hold discussions about art. The channels are dedicated to various kinds of art that range from painting and drawing to sculpting and even animation. Here’s a few of the best art channels on YouTube:

The Channels

  1. Proko – The channel is hosted by talented artist Stan Prokopenko. You will find hundreds of video tutorials and instructions on different styles of art and its technicalities. Stan’s channel draws in millions of artists since other than being educational, he also tries to mask some of the boring topics with comedy. As a result, people who are just curious about art may find themselves trying out some colors over a canvas with a brush. Head over to Proko to be inspired and learn art like you have never before. 
  2. Feng Zhu – FZDSCHOOL – The FZD school of design teaches you anything and everything about entertainment design. Their courses span through a vast range of topics that include feature films, video games, theme parks, television commercials, and more. Their videos teach you scientific understanding behind the big and small screen and emphasize on the fundamentals for a strong foundation. 
  3. LevelUP– If you want to increase your understanding about certain art topics in-depth, LevelUP is the perfect channel for you. The channel is the brainchild of Wojtek Fus and Darek Zabrocki, a pair of Polish artists who learn from each other and teach their audience through their live streams. The live streams last for around 2 hours. However, the knowledge you can absorb from each session makes it worth the time.  
  4. Jazza– Josiah Brooks in his channel Jazza teaches you everything about painting, art, and animation. The channel’s video library exceeds 1000 videos with over 850 million views. Josiah often takes over ridiculous challenges and art projects that are too big for a small team, let alone an individual. However, every time, he pulls through and maybe that’s the reason his channel is close to 5 million subscribers. 
  5. Sycra – Sycra Yasin doesn’t just teach you about art in his channel but shares his journey of self-development as an artist with his audience. Apart from sharing his own knowledge and expertise, he also hosts interviews and streams with his accomplished peers who share their experiences in the creative industry and insights for their craft. 
  6. Ross Draws – Ross Draws often involves comedy into his style of education to push out fun, educational, and easy to digest content for his audience. Ross is very experienced in character design and concept art. He showcases it by taking pictures of himself and others around him and turning them into famous animated characters.


Web.com Reviews believes that art is a wonderful way to express yourself. These YouTube channels can re-ignite your interest in art and equip you with the high-level skills.

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