Want To Make An Online Donation To Israel?

Do you want to make an online donation to Israel? Whether it’s directly assisting impoverished Holocaust survivors, distributing food boxes to needy families, or teaching the next generation of Israelis about the importance of volunteering and mutual responsibility, Meir Panim works around the clock to ensure that your donations are put to the best possible use for Israeli citizens of all sectors, regardless of religion, race, or gender. Online donation to Israel from people like you are essential to our capacity to continue our work as the largest Israeli nonprofit fighting poverty on such a large scale.

Making the Future Possible Requires Online Donations

Around 1.8 million Israelis lived in poverty in 2018, with about 850,000 of them being children. Since 2000, we’ve been aiding local communities and families in Israel who are experiencing food insecurity in an effort to break the cycle of intergenerational poverty. Every year, we offer almost 650,600 free hot meals in Israel’s five restaurants, and we prepare over 34,000 meals just for children from low-income families. We are very transparent about the online donations Israel, and we have provided all relevant information to our contributors on our website.

Donate Online to Israel: Support the Next Generation of Israelis

Meir Panim assures you that all gifts to Israel are handled with the greatest care and professionalism. You can support lone IDF troops, families, and children by donating to Meir Panim. Contributions will go toward making and delivering food packages to those in need. Our special food packages such as Shabbat and holiday baskets contain essential food essentials to avoid anyone feeling lonely. They may feel better about life for a short period of time, but, like everyone else, they will experience full, delicious meals on special occasions.

Online donation Israel through Meir Panim can help us grow up the next generation. So make your donation today! 

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