The Main Injuries In Athletics

The most common injuries in athletics

High-performance sports demand high-level performance from their athletes; long workouts, prepared physique, and a lot of focus. However, many times, to achieve good results, athletes undergo stressful training. Therefore, when these workouts exceed the limits of the body, they cause injuries. Today, in this text, we are going to deal with injuries in athletics practitioners. We will see the significant injuries, their causes, and what to do to prevent them.

About Athletics

Athletics is a sport that currently has forty-two modalities. Of these, twenty-eight are Olympic and disputed by men and women. Therefore, this practice has a range of possibilities for different training and ways to move and demand from the body. And, with that, consequently, they increase the chances of their athletes getting injured.

The most frequent injuries in athletes of any sport can be classified into the following subgroups that we will see below:

First, the bruises. Contusions occur when there is trauma anywhere in the body, but there is no tissue tearing, muscle, or bone. This type of injury is what generates bruises, for example.

The ligament injuries happen for shock or twists. Sometimes these injuries are caused by intrinsic factors, such as imbalance. However, they can also result from external factors related to the environment in which the sport is practiced.

Already muscle injuries affecting the muscles and connective tissue fibers. In addition, in some cases where there is a total rupture of this fiber and the hematoma accumulates inside the muscle, the so-called “intramuscular hematomas” appear.

And injuries that damage tendons, so-called tendon injuries, can result from the partial or total rupture of a tendon. These injuries lead to tendonitis, resulting from inflammation in the tendon or tendon sheaths where synovial fluid accumulates.

Fractures, And Sprains

We cannot forget, of course, one of the best-known types of injuries: fractures. From simple, composite, we exposed, closed, comminuted, or multiple. In addition, another type of injury common to athletes is sprains and sprains.

The sprains occur due to a “stretching of the capsular-ligamentous apparatus without rupture, with joint stability. It is an injury produced by stretching the joint ligaments subjected to deformation”.

Finally, sprains are injuries that can cause edema. This happens because, after the injury, there is an increase in the permeability of the capillaries, allowing the fluid to escape into the interstitial spaces.