Easy Ways To Hide An IP Address On Torrent

If you want a safer torrent download and at the same time hide your IP address, there are a few simple steps to do that. First. You must make sure that you are using a secure VPN or Virtual private Network that has a proper set up. This is important because. It may show that your IP address is hidden, while, in fact, it may not be so. Next, you should focus on protecting from the DNS detection. You will find several sites such as privatnostonline.com/blog that will tell you what DNS leak or detection really means and how it affects downloading torrent.

Emergency shutdown option

You must turn on the emergency shutdown option to prevent your system and identity when accidents happen, such a lost connection. When the system connects again there is a high chance that you will be exposed in the open. This is not good. Well, you can use the current shutdown option of the VPN services. Depending on the type of VPN service you choose, it can be marked as ‘Kill Switch’ or ‘Network Lock.’ Turning these options on will ensure that the VPN monitors your connection using its software and when a connection is lost, it will block the Internet traffic till the connection is restored.

The set up

Finally, you should focus on the set up which should be correct from all respects. You can check this by visiting IPLeak. In here if your real IP address or the address of your ISP is shown, it indicates a default IP address. Check a little further by using the Torrent Address Detection feature. Simply click on it and follow the instructions and wait for the results. If you see the same address again, it indicates an IP leak. Set up the VPN correctly or contact the customer service if it is not remedied.

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