Startup Guide: Tips for Having a Strong Marketing Strategy

Many startups often believe that they do not need to focus on marketing or even public relations. This statement is then followed by the belief that they will achieve marketing for their product from the strengthening of their product.

Many entrepreneurs believe that they have uniquely different or an out-of-the-box product that manages to offer success that marketing cannot bring.

However, the truth is that in the current competitive market there are very few innovators that have come with products that managed to bring success without the need for external marketing.

If you believe that your company is one of its kind there are high chances that you have not given time to competitor analysis or industry research.

The vision mission that you pursue in your company or with your products is similar to what others attempt.

If you do not believe us then here some statistics coming your way.

Between March 2019 to March 2020, more than 800,000 companies with innovative products were launched. This means that 800,000 companies with out-of-the-box vision, innovative products, and exceptional services have 800,000 leaders and innovators that have to build a mind-frame for brand equity and 800,000 sales executives hungry to close the annual on a good revenue.

And this is just about one year.

The world we live in now has given a lot of space to companies, brands, and businesses of all sizes and shapes.

Especially after the coronavirus outbreak when the businesses struggled to keep their ventures alive, a lot of people cash this crisis as an opportunity to launch their dream business with minimal resources.

As the pandemic gave way to remote working many small business owners and those that launched their business previous or this year, made sure they work twice as hard from their home to take over the big names brands struggling to work in a remote culture.

By investing in the best TV and internet deals many small businesses acquired a lot more during the pandemic that could not have in the normal days.

This shows that in today’s world even a crisis of such an extent cannot stop people from doing business.

This also means that with growing competition in the super-competitive market you cannot aim to achieve success without going through the marketing and PR process.

To help you with this following are some of the marketing, communication, and PR tactics to help you build a strong base for your startup marketing:


Leverage Your Connections

One of the most obvious and favorable steps for a startup is to make sure their investment brings more members on board.

The more startups use its connection the more chances are made for the good connector to come on board.

This individual which we are calling the “connector” can help you become more relevant in the industry.

This individual will make sure your marketing game and also your networking game get strong over time.

The more interaction you build with the industry members the more chances become high for you to connect with new customers.

Not only this but with good marketing, you can fetch the good talent in the industry before your competitor can.

Ensure a Marketing Perspective

When a startup thinks of the members to have onboard for the success of the venture they often miss out on having members experienced in the field of marketing and communication.

In our opinion, this is these are the most important people that can drive your brand towards success.

The marketing and communication members help the startup in bridging the gap between market adoption and the product.

These members understand the critical importance of brand awareness and also come up with go-to marketing strategies that can help a startup become popular among the targeted audience.

Use Resources Available to You

If you are lucky enough to have a large venture capitalist backing your startup then make sure you use the resources to empower your communication and marketing team.

For instance, you can hire a chief communication office or chief marketing officer that has a proven success rate and a good record.

You can outsource marketing with a professional agency.


Do Not Let Your Venture Fail

We have often heard that 90% of the startup fails in the initial years of their business. This is mainly because the startup does not in investing where it has needed the most. Marketing and commutation is the crucial factor that can lead your brand to success. Therefore, do not shy away from investing in them.

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