Play Cash Rummy to Learn Ups and Downs of Your New Business

If played the right way, cash rummy is a lot of fun and potentially very rewarding. But it is also tricky. It requires a well-developed set of skills, which will ensure that players can deal with any unexpected situation. But sometimes, things may go haywire and it is best to be prepared.

Essentially, cash rummy is a lot like conducting and managing a business. There are calculations and analyses to be made, and risks to be had. If we play our cards right, we win a profit, and if not, a significant loss can be incurred. When we acquaint ourselves well with cash rummy, we realize that we can learn a lot about the ebb and flow of a real-life business model. Read on to find out how.

What cash rummy teaches us about a business:

  • Overconfidence is dangerous

As and when we get better in cash rummy, we enjoy the boost of confidence. Earning cash and rewards by playing rummy can make us feel great about ourselves. We might stop being cautious and mindful of our strategies and take winning as a given in any situation. However, in case we don’t get a hold on ourselves, we end up losing a number of games, and a considerable amount of cash. This overconfidence can be detrimental to our development, not only while playing rummy but also while managing a business. A little success and profit can pull us off track, and we might lose sight of our bigger goals. It is important to celebrate our wins, but it is all the more important to stay humble.

  • Bad Money Management

Another common mistake while playing cash rummy is not being careful with the money. While winning some cash might feel great, it is important to set a limit on our spending. Keeping a track of our losses is extremely crucial. Even if losing by 20 points in one game does not seem much, five such lost games would mean losing a total of 100 points. This would be a considerable loss. Similarly, in any business, it might so happen that the money invested in a certain project might bring in the loss. It is important to be then mindful of our investments, and not make hasty decisions without thinking them through.

  • Underestimating Opponents

One of the most foolish mistakes in a game of rummy is underestimating our opponents. We should always keep an eye on our opponent’s moves and strategies. Are they picking up cards of a certain suit? Which cards are they discarding? Which deck are they picking up from? All of this plays a major role in deciding what our next move should be. Even if a player is comparatively inexperienced and new, this doesn’t mean that we disregard his strategies completely. This applies to a new business as well. In order for our business ideas to do well, and see an increase in our client base, it is important to keep an eye on what a contemporary business plant is up to. This helps us to reinvent ourselves in better ways.


So we see that cash rummy has a lot to teach us about the functioning of a new business. It is smarter that we pay attention to these lessons, and apply them in real life so that we incur the least losses possible. In contrast to cash Indian rummy, real businesses have much more at stake.

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