Parx Casino provides top-end sports betting online

With the full legalization of sports betting throughout the state of Pennsylvania in 2019, a number of new operators as well as long established venues have begun offering sports betting online.

One of the most venerable of these is คาสิโนบนมือถือ, an operator that has been one of the state’s foremost since 1974. Parx Casino began as a horse racing venue, providing Pennsylvania residents with one of their first outlets for placing wagers on this storied sport. Over the years, Parx Casino began expanding operations, eventually morphing into a full-fledged betting operation, featuring a poker room, casino and sports betting facility.

Now, Parx Casino is bringing their decades of experience and long track record of excellent customer service to sports betting online. Customers throughout Pennsylvania are fortunate to have such a reputable establishment at wish they can place online sports bets.

Great lines and great customer service

With the legalization of sports betting online throughout Pennsylvania, many online sports bettors may have been concerned with the lines that they will be getting from legalized and regulated sports books. Throughout the process of legalizing online gambling, this has been a legitimate concern. Often, states that have decided to regulate and tax online gambling have done so at such a rate that uncompetitive vigorishes and house edges were passed along to the customers, giving them a far less prominent chance of winning.

However, this is not the case with Parx Casino A typical spread bet with Parx Casino would be like something like Team A + 3 at -110. To non-sports bettors, this simply means that Team A is the underdog and the bet will win if Team A comes within three points of winning the game. It also means that every $1.10 that is bet on the game will return $1. For novices to the sports betting world, this rate is highly competitive within the sports betting realm. For many bet types, the fully legalized and regulated Parx Casino will offer gamblers as good or better lines than those they would find at illegal offshore sportsbooks.

Parx Casino also has a strong reputation for delivering some of the best customer service in the business. With more than four decades of experience, Parx Casino has fomented a large following with many repeat customers. This is largely due to its dedication to hospitality and making all of its gamblers feel at home.

Safety and security that you can’t find elsewhere

But perhaps the most important aspect of gambling in licensed and regulated environments, especially when it comes to sports betting online, is the peace of mind that comes with knowing that winning bets will be paid.

Prior to the advent of legalized sports betting within the state of Pennsylvania, that state’s online sports bettors needed to roll the dice, not just on the bets that they were placing but on the chance that they would actually be paid upon having a big win. This is one of the most serious problems of dealing with shady offshore operators that were previously flouting the law and offering their online betting services in violation of various state statutes.

But with the entrance of Parx Casino to the online sports betting scene, there’s no longer any doubt about whether or not winning bets will be paid out. This means that gamblers can comfortably place bets on longshots, jackpots and other bet types that are likely to generate big wins in some situations. With a licensed, regulated operator like Parx Casino that has been in the business for more than four decades, the chance of non-payment on a big win is virtually zero.

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