How To Remove A Forgotten Unlocking Pattern?

The worst situations that we can find in our daily activities with the smartphone is that we lose it, it is stolen, or we do not remember the password, pin or pattern to unlock iPhone.

At the moment, the manufacturers already incorporate other unlocking methods such as the fingerprint reader, the facial recognition or the iris reader. But there is no foolproof method; they all have a lot of room for improvement.

Android Device Manager

All devices that have the Android operating system can be restored from the Android Device Manager. You will have to log in with your Gmail password, select the device you have locked and click on the lock to establish a new password.

In iOS

From iTunes

If you have not made a backup, you will lose your data because everything will be deleted in the process. That is why we recommend that you make a backup every once in a while, (you don’t need to do it every day).

Remove iOS Unlock Pattern

Wait for some time for iTunes to sync your device and back it up. Once this is done, click on the iPhone restore button and unlock iPhone 11. You would have almost everything ready. When you restart your smartphone, click on restore the backup and all the content you previously had will be installed.

Recover Device Without Backup

What you should do is connect your smartphone to the computer, open iTunes and force the restart. In this process, you will lose all your content, and the iPhone will be factory.

On the iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus you will have to press the volume up button and release it. The same with the volume down button and the side button until the recovery mode appears on the screen. On the 7 and 7 Plus press, both volume buttons until that mode appear on the screen. On 6s and earlier models press the start button and the side (or top) button until the message appears.

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