How to Know Your Essential Oils are High Quality?

When you invest in essential oils, you want to make sure they are high quality. When shopping, price does not always equal high quality. So there are affordable high quality essential oils, you just have to know where to look for them. A good way to judge this is to know where the product is coming from. Some oils are heavily diluted or not made using actual plants. When researching, look for three things. First, where do the essential oil plant products come from? Second, are the oils Gas Chromatography and Spectrometry tested? Lastly, does the company have a high quality standard?

The essential oils market is growing at a rapid pace. Everyone wants to get their hands on them but not all oils are made the same in affordability. For example, depending on the purpose of the purchase, you may be looking for therapeutic grade oil. To first see if you should purchase from a specific company, explore how they grow the plants that produce their products. The best companies will be transparent about it. The plants should be Certified Organic or wild (grown by nature). If a company does not meet either of these requirements, their essential oils may still be high quality if the plants are grown in countries where there is no organic certification. In most cases, a plant will still be grown organically but it is still best to check. The last thing you want to do is spend money on a product that is riddled with chemicals.

The second indicator for a good affordable product is if the product is tested at all. A company that produces high quality and affordable oils will go through the process to get all of their essential oils Gas Chromatography and Spectrometry tested. The test looks at the molecules present in the oil and sees if it matches a high quality and affordable standard. This is a good way to see if the oil being tested has been diluted or altered in any way. Since essential oils will primarily be used in your air and on your skin, you want to certify that it is not riddled with chemicals.

The last step to knowing is to contact a seller and ask if their company has any sort of quality standard. If they do not, run the other way! A company that does not have a quality standard clearly does not care about the product and is only looking for a profit. That is why an affordable price is not always a factor. An expensive company may not have a standard at all. You should always choose the company that provides high quality and affordable essential oils for the best result.

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