Get Idea of Vast Varieties of Eye-Catching Sputnik Chandeliers

Chandelier is an all-time favorite of every homeowner. Nothing can bring luxury and a classic look into the house like a chandelier. Even a small chandelier hanging from the ceiling can get the attention of every guest. Nowadays, there are varieties of modern lights and fixtures available that fit any type of theme. There is something for every house in the modern lightings. 

Recently, sputnik chandeliers have gained a lot of attention. The design has been derived from the Soviet Union satellite, Sputnik that was launched in 1957. The invention of this iconic chandelier brings back the space design into the ordinary world. It is the influence of “Atomic Age” design. 

The modern light fixture sputnik chandelier has a classic design of the metallic sputnik satellite. The round ball in the center has many brass arms protruding. Each arm has a bulb at the end which illuminates the entire space where it is hanging. Numerous bulbs hanging from the brass arms make the room sparkle with light. 

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Here are some wide collections of Sputnik chandeliers that will help you make better decisions –

  • A bronze chandelier with 6 arms with lights. The height of the light is adjustable and is best for a flat or slanted ceiling. 
  • If you don’t like a metal chandelier, then try a wooden body. The chandelier is made of oak and has plenty of light holdings. 
  • A chrome finish sputnik chandelier uses frosted bulbs which is soothing to the eyes. 
  • Spider-shaped sputnik chandelier is a modern lighting design. The arms of the chandelier are indicating origami folds that also provide direct and indirect lighting. 
  • Jonathan Adler Caracas chandelier is a mid-century design that strings together the tapered ends of two black cones together upside down with a half-sphere enclosing the bulb in it. 
  • The adjustable arm sputnik chandelier can be used in any space. You can adjust the arm by increasing the length to shortening it, by turning it left or right, thereby illuminating the area properly. 
  • Flush-mounted sputnik chandelier is a combination of vintage and modern look. It is a great option for a lower ceiling. 
  • Starburst or sunburst sputnik chandelier gives a dramatic loo jot the room. Various arms are protruding from the sphere looking like a sun or a star in shape. 
  •  Constellation sputnik chandelier consists of numerous tiers depending upon the height of the room. It is inspired by the chandelier hanging at the Lincoln Center’s Metropolitan Opera House. 
  • Sputnik chandelier with glass crystals is eye-catching and breathtaking. There are more than 32 lights in it, dimmable and easy to install. 

There is a list of sputnik chandeliers available in the market. You will never be disappointed once you enter the store. There is something for everyone in modern lights. 

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