BYJU’S- The Learning App Reviews by Parents

BYJU’S – The Learning App is one of the largest ed-tech companies in India owned by Byju Raveendran lead Think & Learn Pvt. Ltd. The main vision of BYJU’S is to create a learning experience that integrates the best teachers and study materials especially designed for each student. BYJU’S have changed the traditional method of learning to make the learning experiences enjoyable and easy. In the market, you will not find any other best and reliable educational apps like BYJU’S – The Learning App. The app is accessible to numerous students which will revolutionize the way students learn across the world, making them fall in love with learning.

BYJU’S – The Learning App is an app based online learning platform, which offers courses for various boards, competitive exams, state-level exams, etc. BYJU’S enables high-quality low-cost educational course learning opportunities to their users. This is a good platform where people can learn about specific topics from specific people with expert comments and discussions. Below we have provided a few of the advantages of learning from the BYJU’S App. In this article, we have shared BYJU’S reviews by parents. 

  1. One of the biggest advantages of using BYJU’S is the lower cost. If we compare the price of courses with metro cities, BYJU’S courses are cheaper.
  2. It is cheaper than tuition classes.
  3. Students can learn anytime and anywhere.
  4. Students can learn with fun.
  5. Highly qualified teachers and professors create the content.

Few parents shared their experience with BYJU’S app with us.

Jyoti, mother of 8 years old Nipun said: My kid has been using BYJU’S for a while now, and he seems pretty happy, so I would say, so far, it’s great. It’s been a year that we all have been locked up in our homes, putting a pause on our lives. My child is definitely missing out on some crucial learning moments in life. At school, he could interact with friends, play games, and be a part of a fun learning environment. Sadly, Zoom school does not really give the same experience. Thankfully, we got him a BYJU’S subscription which enhances his learning from home experience.

When I watched the content they offered, I actually really liked it. It’s very visual and colourful. Also, I get reports on his performance regularly, so I know that he is learning every day. They have some other features on the app like games and worksheets which I think are good. I wish I had such a learning style when I was growing up!

But it’s okay, at least, my son is reaping the benefits of the modern day innovations. Anyway, overall, I would 100% recommend it to other parents.

According to Deepika from Mumbai: BYJU’S has a very interesting way of explaining concepts. Be it Maths or Science, the teachers in the videos break down the topics and explain it by using real life examples. They also use interesting animation and graphics which makes the whole video very engaging for children. Infact, the quality of the teachers, learning modules, and videos are very good in the BYJU’S app.

One more useful thing about this app is that every parent can closely monitor their child’s progress and guide them when required too. The app provides an enormous amount of support to any student to understand the concepts in an easier manner while they are away from their classroom.

So it was a very good experience for me using BYJU’S. I recommend you to try it as well.

Chandrashekhar, father of Prbodh said: In my opinion, it is a wonderful app for learning clearly. The app gives us complete information about everything. Simply, we can learn everything about all subjects without going to school and by sitting at home. And after every concept there will be a test based on it, and it has practice tests after completion of a full chapter or lesson. It will improve your. Answering skills and mental ability, and it will have a time period to answer the question

You will be a topper in all subjects if you use that app.

Students and parents can share all their queries, feedback, complaints or any concerns you may have about BYJU’S learning programs at their official support page. Keep in your mind to avoid BYJUS fraud or fake websites by contacting the official support. Their dedicated team normally addresses customer questions within 24 hours.

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