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Keeping up with the stuff you have to do is always challenging. Even worse, to-do applications function only on one phone, so your desktop or tablet will not sync everything you performed on your mobile. Things have changed, and utilities like Todoist and have streamlined anything. 

You may have all setup, though, and have virtually no incentive. By adding role-playing game (RPG) features, such as practice, looting, and leveling up, to your typical to-do list app, Epicwin attempts to get around. If using this software, you aren’t motivated to perform your activities; nothing will do. Originally, EpicWin was implemented on iOS, and it was ported to Android after a good launch.


  • Wins Observable


Have you got a really simple target with yourself, in your opinion? An objective that can be counted and calculated by you?

Such descriptions are here:

  • For the first 10 pounds, lose.
  • You run a 5 K race.
  • Thirty days without the need for my asthma inhaler.
  • Get eight hours of sleep for one week each night.
  • Those wins are observable. Exactly once you’ve done it, you will know!

You don’t have to get to SuperBetter with just one measurable win. Make a small begin and take the next step. Pick an even greater epic victory when you’ve accomplished it.


  • Wins “reward.”


Users’ on the way to Super Better. But what are the benefits along the way?

Think about something that you don’t sound prepared to do right now … but you want to do it as soon as you can!

  • If you’re going to get over an injury, it may be a regular exercise you enjoy, for now, but you have to stop it.
  • If you’re losing weight, it could be everything you have to wear that is smashing or sauntering.
  • If you are going with an injury, maybe you’d like to take a day trip.
  • If you stop smoking, it could be a smoke-free party you want to throw after two months without even a cigarette.

That’s something you’ll be happy with and appreciate of Epicwin Slot, whatever it is. You should start saving for even greater bonuses once you’ve had your first victory under your belt!


  • “Wins” Something Amazing


Forget for a minute about the task you’re up to. What cool thing would you love to do? Nothing at all can be that.

  • Invent a different thing: cooking, a foreign accent, guitar, or dancing in salsa.
  • Tackle an artistic purpose of creating a film, recording an album, designing clothing, creating a quilt, or writing a novel.
  • Plan a journey with wishes.
  • For a favorite cause or charity, raise funds.

Whatever it may be, you got amazingly-excited by the prospect of having to do it and inspired to find out what you really can do.

For players facing a challenge such as chronic pain, a recovery period from an injury or illness, stress, anxiety, or stress, “Everything Awesome” victories are perfect.

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