3 Reasons Why Indian’s Are Crazy About Online Indian Cash Rummy Games

Indian Rummy is a popular game among youth and oldies alike. It is almost considered as a tradition to play rummy during Indian festivals and celebrations like Diwali when entire families get together under one roof to celebrate. Rummy, also known as flash or flush in India, is therefore part and parcel of fun and entertainment in Indian households.

However, in today’s context, families have drifted away geographically and have become much more ‘nuclear’ than ever before. In addition, during the worldwide pandemic related lockdowns, people were even more isolated from each other. In this situation, online rummy platforms have come to the rescue, enabling ardent players to connect with one-another online to play the game. This has propelled online rummy games a rage among ardent rummy fans from India especially.

Here are three reasons why Indians are crazy about online cash rummy games

  1. Cash winnings – This is the biggest reason why rummy is so popular in India. It can be legally played for cash winnings as declared by the Supreme Court of India. Winning the game requires skill and a sound strategy. Winning it is very rewarding as it is, with the cash winnings added it becomes a very exciting proposition.
  2. Family time – Rummy is being played in Indian households since time immemorial as a tradition during festivities and celebrations. Indian people are generally deeply rooted in cultural and family ethos. The game is apt for family members to get together in an atmosphere of camaraderie and bonhomie with healthy competition in the air. This is a big reason why rummy appeals to Indian youth and elder people alike. Online rummy enables family members who live far apart to also partake in the fun and entertainment.
  3. Challenge and Skill – Winning at rummy requires skill. It is a challenging game. Sometimes it becomes a battle of wits between players. It is a game of simple rules and challenging gameplay. This makes it attractive to new players as well as seasoned players alike.


Indian players love the game especially because of the possibility of cash winnings, edgy competitive fervor, the nostalgia of family time, and the challenging gameplay. The game is an age-old family game played in many Indian families. That is what creates an aura of familiarity among new players drawn to the game. Online rummy is a boon in terms of easy access to the game and players across the world anytime anywhere. Online platforms also afford safety, security, and fairness. Young people and elderly people, new players as well as seasoned players – all across the board it is a game immensely loved and followed by thousands of ardent players across India and the world.

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