What should you know about themed slots?

Online slot machines, an overview

Online gambling has become common in this 21st century. People who used to rush to a nearby casino house to play a slot machine game has changed to play those games online with their mobile and an internet connection. Since the process became simple, more players entered the industry. As the demand for online gambling increases, the number of online casinos is also increasing. You can find several websites online that offer various types of online casino games including slot machine games. Since the majority of these sites will be spammy, you should select a website that offers reliable slot machine experience such as slotxoThe slot machine is a broader category of casino games that consists of thousands of variations of gameplays. The main category of slot machine games based on the number of reels and pay lines are listed below.

  • Reel slots – With single pay line
  • Video slots – With multiple pay lines
  • Progressive slots – With an increasing jackpot size

Apart from these broader categories, a majority of online casinos are using themed slots to stand out from other games. In this article, let us discuss themed slots and some of the popular themes out there in the market.

What is a themed slot?

As the name suggests, a themed slot will be based on a specific storyline or a character that people can relate to with factors out of casinos. These themes can be movie images, popular novel storylines, comic characters, historical events, etc. The themed slots will grab the attention of players to try out the games.

Some of the most popular themes for slot machines

Slot machine themes can be further classified by their nature. These generic categories will be as follows,

Adventure slots – Adventures slots can be about anything fascinating. It can be about interesting true events, unreached travel destinations, a roller-coaster ride, a visit to a zoo, and the likes. These slots will attract people who are interested in adventurous events. The sound effects and graphics will drive them away and make them feel as if they are into that world.

Movie slots –These slots will reflect popular movie characters or storylines. The set up will have a back story, iconic scenes from the movies, character sketches, and a lot more. It attracts all the movie buffs out there to play casino games, to try the slot once only because they like the movie.

Fruit slots –It is the most common and classical theme for slot machine games. It consists of all the fruits and vegetables as symbols on the reels. These themes were popular in the time of classic reels.

Fairy tale slots – Who will not give it a try if something makes them fear? Horror is the most liked genre around the world in all formats like movies, stories, tales, and novels. Hence, the online casinos took it for granted and started to use fairy tale themes for their slot machines.

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