What it Feels Like to Be in a Healthy Relationship?

Not sure if your partner is toxic or not? Read our article about what it feels like when your relationship is healthy to find out.

Some of us tend to always go for the bad girls, the naughty boys, or the hottest NB’s. Some of us live for the thrill of emotional manipulation – but most of us don’t even know it is happening to us.

The thing about an unhealthy relationship is that at least one of you is bad for the other. It could be that your partner knows exactly which buttons to press to make you do what they want – and you might never even clock on to it. 

So how do you know if you are in a healthy relationship? Here’s what it feels like and what to look out for.

5 Signs you have a Healthy Relationship

If your relationship feels like any of the following, then it’s probably healthy. If you need relationship practice, don’t forget you can usually find cheap escorts in London that will help you out.

1 – You Can Apologise to Each Other

The worst kind of relationships are those where one partner stresses out often. This leads to resentment on behalf of the other partner, particularly if the first doesn’t apologise for their behaviour often.

2 – You Don’t Dread Going Home

After a long day at work, are you anxious about going home? If you prefer to bypass the house and head straight to the pub, then you probably aren’t very happy with your relationship. Your partner definitely isn’t happy and that’s something to think about as you move forward.

3 – You are Having Sex

Sex is an integral part to most relationships. Unless you are Asexual or Demi and your partner is aware of this, then frequent sex is a sign of a good relationship. If you have a partner who uses sex as a form of punishment, then you are in a toxic relationship and you need to either correct that behaviour or get out of it.

4 – You Laugh Together

Couples that don’t have a darn good belly laugh once a week or so, probably aren’t as healthy as they could be. Happy couples laugh together, increasing the positive feelings they have for one another. If you two aren’t laughing together, you might be in relationship trouble.

5 – You Make Each Other Better 

You complement each other – and not in a “your hair looks nice” kind of way. A couple that works well together often find that they have opposite, yet complimentary, skill sets. If you two make each other better, you will continue to grow and learn together for all your years to come.

Is your relationship healthy? Let us know in the comments!

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