Things You Need to Know Before Buying Cannabidiol (CBD)

Cannabidiol is being used by people across the world due to its efficiency in treating anxiety, pain, insomnia and so many other issues. However, since CBD market is unregulated, it has led to a growth of plenty of companies that sells ingenuine products with the intention to just make money.

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Due to the fake products, people start doubting the benefits of real CBD itself. Even worse, these fake products can cause harmful side effects for the user. With the complete understanding of what CBD is and its benefits will help you choose the genuine products. Continue reading to know how to identify the fake CBD products.

CBD Type

When choosing the CBD product, check what type CBD is used in that product. CBD comes in three types: CBD isolate, full-spectrum and broad-spectrum. If anything, other than this type, is mentioned, then it needs a closer look.

CBD isolate is the pure form of CBD and it doesn’t contain any other compounds of hemp plant. Whereas full-spectrum contains all compounds of hemp including permissible amount of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) i.e., lesser than 0.3%. This form provides the user better benefit since it provides the entourage effect.

Broad-spectrum is similar to full-spectrum except that it doesn’t contain THC.

Third-party Lab Results

It is mandatory that the manufacturers need to get their products lab tested to know the authenticity of the CBD they have used in the product and to make sure that their products do not contain any contaminants and are safe for the user. When you buy a CBD product, ask the manufacturer for the lab report.

If there is no proper lab result, it is safe to quit buying that brand.

Ingredients List

Check the ingredients list to know whether CBD is extracted from hemp plant. The THC content should be less than 0.3%.

Also make sure hemp CBD oil and hemp seed oil are different and don’t offer the same benefits.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews tell you some genuine information about the product. Positive reviews provide the potential buyers a clear idea about the product and help decide whether to purchase or not. If the company has reasonable customer reviews, it means the company is doing good and gaining reputation.


It is not necessary that high-quality CBD product needs to be overpriced. Only fake companies sell their product overpriced. With proper homework you can easily find high-quality product at affordable price.

When you buy a CBD product, you need to know whether it is fake or good. With this knowledge now you can buy the original products and enjoy the health benefits of CBD and you deserve to get the best for the price you pay.

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