There are no regulations as of today around blockchain in the healthcare domain. The US healthcare department has started to take interest in understanding the use cases and applications of blockchain in healthcare. ONC is also actively considering the proposals submitted in a competition arranged by US government. Plan is to evaluate the proposals which include peer to peer network for analysis of patient health data with focus on security and privacy aspects, enhancing interoperability solutions for information exchange, patient tracking, improving healthcare claims processing and decentralized record management system for electronic health records. ONC plans to introduce a Blockchain-based infrastructure that blockchain in medicine in the US can leverage to create their unique private systems.

Challenges in Implementing

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology has been widely adopted in handling, storage, redistribution, retail. Things can go the banking industry over the last decade. However, wrong during these stages, from simple human error the awareness and adoption of this technology in to malicious intent (fraud). In a conventional system, it healthcare technology advances is yet to materialize. Organizations.

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can get difficult to identify the problem as participants face challenges in understanding how blockchain in the supply chain may usually maintain their own works and the benefits associated with it. Enterprise records and may share their information usually just systems are still centralized, and organizations are not one level up and one level down the chain. ready to adopt the new distributed data culture Furthermore, if these records are paper-based, they completely by implementing blockchain. Another are more prone to errors. These factors further delay challenge that the companies face in implementing investigations to identify the issues with drug supply blockchain is around investments. The cost of chain.

executing peer-to-peer transactions on blockchain network is huge for ensuring speed and effectiveness. Additionally, with governments and consumers demanding transparency in the supply chain for such While blockchain technology has its own set of products, companies have worked towards challenges, it can play a significant role in addressing maintaining an open or transparent supply chain existing interoperability and security challenges of the system. Depending on one organization to track healthcare industry.

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