Panic attack and panic disorders: What are they?

Did you know that with just a dose of Alprazolam (XANAX) 1mg per 30 tabs, you could control the panic attacks and anxiety disorders? What are panic attacks and panic disorder? Have you ever experienced them? If you have ever had an overwhelming surge of fear and anxiety, you need to read on to find more about what they are.

What is a panic attack?

It refers to an intense fear, which is usually characterized by deliberating an unexpectedness, the intensity that is immobilizing.  You cannot breathe, your heart is pounding, and you could feel like you are going crazy or dying. Panic attacks appear from nowhere, without warning, and at times there are no apparent triggers.  They can occur when you are even asleep or relaxed.

It might be a one time occurrence, although there are people who experience them repeatedly. If the panic attacks keep recurring, then there might be an individual situation that is triggering them, such as speaking in public, crossing a bridge, especially if the same situation caused a panic attack before.  You feel endangered and with no escape route, making the body to a flight or fight response.

It is possible to experience more than one panic attack even when you are known to be a healthy and happy person. Or the panic attack might happen because of another disorder you might be having, such as social phobia, panic disorder, or depression. Whatever the cause of the panic attack, you have to know that it is treatable with medications such as Alprazolam (XANAX) 1mg per 30 tabs.

Signs and symptoms to panic disorder

While there are people who will have one or two episodes of panic attacks and move on with their lives, there are those who end up developing panic disorder.  You will know that you have a panic disorder when you get repeated panic attacks, which combine with changes in behavior or anxiety that are persistent over having more attacks.

You could have panic disorders if:

  • You keep on experiencing unexpected, frequent panic attacks that are not related to any particular situation.
  • Always worried that you might suffer another panic attack
  • Start behaving differently just because you had a panic attack, like avoiding certain places just because you had a panic attack when you did visit.

A single panic attack might last for a few minutes but with its effects leaving a permanent imprint. If you develop panic disorder, then it might take on your emotional toll. The memory of the severe terror and fear which you felt when it happened can affect your self-confidence negatively, thereby causing severe impacts on your day to day life.  With that, you might start experience:

  • Anticipatory anxiety: Instead of a relaxed feeling, you keep feeling tense and anxious in between the panic attacks. It is because you tend to have a fear of attacks you might have in the future.
  • Phobic avoidance:You start avoiding specific environments or situations.
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