Learn Some Stuff About Your Frenchie Fur Ball

If you are considering buying one, you ought to read this today. Your French Bulldog may be cute, but a task. You should try to find out the most crucial features. They come with a whole lot of challenges.

Nature Of The Frenchie

 It includes the following:

  • Health Problems are in the number one position. More so with this breed, than any other. However, there are different structural deformities. These breeders are doing this deliberately. They have trouble breathing, have trouble with their spinal cords, and also bones. These little bundles of joy cannot even stay in hot weather. Await, there is more. Heart diseases and eye diseases, also come with the package.
  • Second, comes the noise and sound bit. They end up making some typical grunting noises. They have a lot of respiratory issue so they make such noises often. You may be startled in the middle of the night even. These sounds nay cause to a lot of pain.
  • Some of these bullies’ drool and dribble, while drinking water. They do this more frequently after drinking and eating.
  • Flatulence is another problem, that you have to bear with. The Frenchie also gulps down air, while eating or drinking. Moreover, readymade food, makes this condition worse. However, if you can make it a point to feed them veggies and meats cooked at home, they feel better. Such cuties make less noise and farts.
  • They can stubborn. And, you have got to identify this characteristic from beforehand. Later, it may lead to a lot of problems. They will stare at you with puppy eyes, and you not be even able to scold them. So, beware of this part of their nature. You can try to teach them to be more docile with treats. They love treats. They are often motivated by food.

The Deal

Therefore, you have got to keep this in mind if you are planning to buy a Frenchie Dog. They have quite a few health issues that you may later relent. So, beware of these form the beginning. That will save your day. Despite, all of this they are good at companionship. It is that quality of a lap dog, that makes them so adorable. More and more children are vying for them. However, its parents who have to take the maximum responsibility. So, you ought to know this stuff, before buying one pup. They need a lot of love too. So, as a human caregiver, you have to provide that.

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