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Besides your kids’ bedroom design, you have to pay attention to the playroom design as well. In the last few years, playrooms for kids have changed a lot. Gone are the days when playrooms were meant only for your kids to play. They are an important part of the house and should complement the rest of the home design. Parents now pay attention to the aesthetic appeal of the playroom as well, just like their kids’ bedrooms. From the colours, furniture pieces to the theme, every aspect should be taken into consideration before finalising the playroom design. Also, special attention should be given to storage. Children’s room designs should always have adequate storage because they are not great at organising things and the room can get cluttered. Easily accessible storage solutions will make it very convenient for your kids to store all the toys and keep the room clean. If you are not sure how to create the perfect children’s room design, here are a few creative ideas and design tips that will help you:

01 of 04 Introduce lots of toys 

Just like your kid’s bedroom, one of the best items you can use to design your kid’s playroom is toys. Toys are considered a great option because they help to add the much-needed fun element to the theme of the playroom. You do not have to limit yourself to just the toys your kids play with. There are various types of toys you can use for this purpose. The most commonly used toys for home decoration are stuffed toys. Depending on your preferences, you can display them on shelves or just leave them around on the floor for a playful and whimsical look. Since they are available in various vibrant colours, you can make the playroom appearance more colourful. Also, use stuffed toys of different shapes and sizes for an interesting look. 

02 of 04 Install a slide

Whenever you visit a park, you will see kids lining up for the slide. Most kids love riding slides. Instead of making your kid wait to visit the park for the slide, you can just bring one home. Although slides are installed mainly outdoors, you can install indoor slides as well to make the room more fun and playful. Your kid will certainly love having a slide in the playroom. There are various types of indoor slides available in the market. Before choosing one, it is very important that you take measurements of the room. Unless you have a large children’s room design, it will be very difficult to fit an indoor slide. If you feel that the room is not large enough, you can consider opting for a tube slide as it can easily fit into smaller spaces. 

03 of 04 Bring adventure to your home with a climbing wall

Does your kid like adventure? You can use the walls creatively and incorporate adventurous activities into your home design. Even if you have a small playroom area, you can create different sections for different activities. One of the best ways to bring home adventure without going outdoors is by installing a climbing wall. Just talk to your interior designer and turn the space into a pint-size climbing wall. When creating a climbing wall, you should take the aesthetic appeal into consideration as well. It should feature soft neutral tones and be very well-styled. 

When bringing home adventure, the chances of getting hurt also increases. To ensure that your kids stay completely safe, you have to pay attention to a few safety measures. One of the first things you have to ensure is that the climb is not too high. This will prevent your kid from getting hurt in case he or she falls down. Also, cover the floor with blankets, carpets, and mattresses. They will cushion the fall. 

04 of 04 Make use of the corners properly

If you have a small home and do not have an extra room for creating a separate children’s room design ideas, you can come up with other unique ideas. This will ensure that your kid is not deprived of a separate space for playing. The best way to create additional space for your kid’s play section is by making use of the corners properly of the living room or kids’ bedroom. There are creative ways you can use to turn the corner into a great playing spot. If you are not sure how to create a great play area, just install some great lighting, add cushions and blankets to make the space comfortable, throw in a lot of stuffed toys to give the space a fun element. Make sure you add various colours to create a vibrant and colourful ambiance. Also, just like your kids’ bedroom design, lay a soft rug on the floor for added comfort. 

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