How does the torrent work?

Numerous websites can be visited when it comes to downloading your favorite movies or web series.  But sometimes it becomes partly impossible to download it due to the restriction or security measures. In that condition there are many siti torrent that can help in downloading your favorite movies or videos without any problem. It is because these websites usually have their own private network that allows users to download and upload files and videos on the network. If you are getting confused about the torrent then go through the article properly to know how it works.

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How torrent works?

Instead of using single server, torrent usually works in a decentralized manner where every user in this network actively shares or downloads the files. That means if any user has uploaded the file then only you can download it from there and basically have different types of sharing network like;

  • Peers: in this network there are numerous files uploaded by the users. This allows you to directly download the desired file if any of the users have uploaded that particular file. In short this network is known as peer to peer network.
  • Seeder: in this users mainly download the file from internet on their device and simultaneously upload the file on the site. This uploaded file can be download with other user and that time that user will be called seeder.
  • Index: These indexes are the several websites working as the search engine for numerous content and files that is to be downloaded through the torrent.
  • Tracker: trackers are known as servers working like a bridge between the seekers. It basically directs the file from user to user and also helps in finding the peer on the network of torrent. As the user searches for any particular file on the network, it shows the file to him and allows downloading.
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