Golden Teachers- Everything That a User Must Be Knowledgeable About It

A magic mushroom strain named Golden teachers is harvested from Psilocybe Cubensis which is also called Golden Teacher Shrooms or GT shrooms. It was discovered in the 1980s and it still has maintained its position and is a top choice for global users.

The exact origination point of Golden teachers is undiscoverable. However, it is remarkably recognized for its modish appearance, gold cap with dots of yellow.

Golden teachers shrooms is having a different reddish (approximately cinnamon) color. It has big caps and stems than the other strains.

The size of the caps of Golden teachers shrooms ranges from 20mm to 80mm in DM. Also, it is having a fruiting body with a distinct and slightly curved cap adorned with a yellow center.

Beneath the caps, there are closely spaced gills with a Gray tone which gets darkened as it ages up. When it gets matured, the gills become black roughly.

Golden teacher’s psychedelic effects-

Golden teachers shroom is having a mild potency level which is the reason for its growing popularity across the whole planet. This is the reason why all shroom enthusiasts including newbies also consider this an ideal pickup for them.

It is the best gateway for beginners to explore the psychedelic world as its mild nature decreases the danger of bad excursions.

Experienced people can also drag the distinct effects for a tremendous psychedelic experience.

Some widely known effects of Golden teachers are-

  • Enhanced colors
  • Giddiness
  • Strong emotions
  • Visual distortions

People had named it Golden teachers for the reason that it supplies an insightful and revelatory experience that lasts for about an hour when consumed.

The effects of gold caps are beyond mere feelings and they also are well-known for the shamanic experience.

It takes consumers through a learning excursion that unravels the universe’s mysteries.

While the effects persist, users get to learn some very important life lessons. The best thing about this shroom is that you can tailor the dose according to your need. To have a moderate psychedelic experience, you can obtain those using Golden teachers.

If you simply want to enjoy the health advantages with no hallucinogenic effects at all, you can obtain those through microdosing.


The right dose of Golden teachers varies from a person to person. A person needs to consider his level of practice as a shroomer and the weight of the body.

Another significant aspect to mull over is each individual’s desired outcome that can be either moderate or intense or light.

The dose can be evaluated probably through a general psilocybin dose suggestion.

Typically for the newbie, a micro-dose should be ideal. It ranges from 0.25g – 2g of dried mushroom. Anything more than 2g to 5g may create a euphoric or heroic psychedelic experience.

Based upon the experience and the composition of the body such sky-scraping dosage can put a person in a jam-packed hallucinogenic supernatural familiarity.

Maybe a user gets lost in the air or has synaesthesia.

It is good to make an important note the dose are random suggestions and may not work for all. It is therefore good to try the minimum possible dose particularly if this is your initial. This will keep you on a safe path.

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