Footbath: For Beautiful Skin And A Good Night’s Sleep

A foot bath which needs sanitizing footbath mats helps against sweaty feet, calluses, and even sleep problems: dm has the right products. And here are some great tips. When we can finally wear sandals again, our feet should look nice and well-groomed. But looks aren’t all that a good pedicure is about. Our feet should be healthy and feel good. And a foot bath is perhaps the most effective means of doing this. At dm, there are suitable products – and here we reveal what to look out for.

Footbath: Benefit For The Whole Body

A footbath not only cares but also has other uses: Depending on the water temperature and the bath additive, it is used to relax the muscles or revitalize circulation. It can also help relieve corns, fungus, and inflammation. Some people relax enough by taking footbaths to relieve their sleep problems or headaches. Foot baths are simply a relief. But – and this is important – they are not a panacea! In the event of permanent or serious medical complaints, please consult a doctor!

 Hot Or Cold: What Temperature For Foot Baths?

The temperature the footbath should have depends on the desired effect. One speaks of warm foot baths when the water temperature is between 38 and 40 degrees. The recommended bathing time here is around 10 to 20 minutes. Warm foot baths widen the blood vessels, lower blood pressure, relax the muscle tone and thus bring the entire organism to rest. They are ideal for regeneration after exercise, before going to sleep, or simply for relaxation in between.

 Cold baths are between 8 and 18 degrees; here, you bathe in three intervals, each lasting between 30 seconds and two minutes. Cold footbaths primarily have an activating effect. The cool temperatures cause the blood vessels to contract, the blood pressure rises, and the organism is revitalized. Cool baths, therefore, help against tiredness but also heavy and puffy legs.

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