Dog Walking Tips For City Dogs

City dogs love the scents, sounds and sights of a busy sidewalk. They aren’t typically afraid of the noisy cars, but you should still be cautious and aware any time you take your dog for a walk in a dense, urban location.

With that being said, let’s take a look at some dog walking tips for city dogs:

Always Keep Your Dog On A Leash- you should never unleash your dog when taking him for a walk in a crowded area. With all of the lights and sounds coming from the traffic, your dog could easily become frightened and run off. This could lead to him getting lost or injured. An unleashed dog can seem frightening to others and, in some cities, it could get you a fine.

Be Careful When Crossing Busy Roads-a short leash can give you better control when crossing busy roads. When waiting to cross, make sure you stand on the curb, not on the road. Be aware that drivers may not be able to see your dog, so he should always walk beside you, not in front of or behind you. Car drivers in the city can be impatient, making it risky to crossroads.

Avoid Spraying On Scaffold Or Lamp Post-dogs usually pee on vertical objects that look like trees. In some areas, lamp posts can be badly maintained and they may have open hatches. It means that your dog could get electrocuted. In some rare cases, sidewalk scaffolding may cause moderate electrocution if there’s stray current from overhead lighting.

Be Careful When Approaching Other Dogs-your dog wants to socialise and you will pass many dogs. Even if your dog is friendly and sociable, you need to remember that other dogs can be overly aggressive and it is often best to keep your dog separated from other dogs.

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