Compelling Reasons to Migrate to Mississippi

Mississippi holds a rich history associated with the civil war. It has been consistently in transition and is the first state to combat civil rights. It also made legal changes approving equal rights. The locals belong to different cultures, but are warm, charitable, religious, and happiest in the US.

The citizens are proud of their popular music genre rock, soul, and blues music. If you are planning to migrate to Mississippi, then there are several compelling reasons you can check out.

Nature & climate

Nature is diverse and the state is named after the Mississippi River. It has vast fertile agricultural land located in the river delta. Besides, the expanses of farmland, there is a great diversity of geographical features ranging from swampland and dense forests to sandy beaches. Change of scenery is a good motivation for people to plan their relocation to explore something new.

The summers are long, so you can plan a move and book professional movers in advance to get the best deal. It is also wise to ship a car to Mississippi using reliable Ship a Car, Inc. rather than driving it. The climate is warm in Mississippi like the majority of Southern States.

The average summer temperature is 81°, ideal to enjoy an evening stroll or host a BBQ party. Winter day’s temperature does not go below 48°. Never let the news about tornados, hurricanes, and thunderstorms scare you. The place has its portion of pesky climate but is a small price you will pay for staying in the Southern Paradise.

Relaxing lifestyle

Hustle and bustle of city life can be taxing. Mississippi is a great destination, where locals enjoy a slow and calm paced lifestyle. You can trade the everyday grind for southern generosity. You can give up morning traffic travel for a freshening stroll across the neighborhood streets. Just move to Mississippi and you can enjoy all this.

Big-city amenities

Leaving the hustle and bustle of the metropolitan city does not mean you have to reside in a small town. Mississippi State has few big cities besides the urban zone ranging from Biloxi and Gulfport to Jackson and Hattiesburg. These cities offer you great opportunities to enjoy rural life and big-city amenities.


Mississippi has top-ranked universities and colleges. There is 50+ universities, colleges, and technical schools. Post-Civil War, the state has progressed a lot in terms of school. There were no schools and today, you will find education centers in every region. Mississippi has the best elementary, mid & high schools besides the top education facilities. Education is affordable!

The cost of living is affordable

The cost of living is 15% less than the national average. It includes low income and property tax. The average salary is also less than the national average, relocates from other states witness their funds go farther. Your dream to own property can come true in Mississippi.

Market and restaurants

Foodies will enjoy good eats ranging from fried catfish to pecan pie. The state has all kinds of flavors that can entertain your taste buds. If you a health freak, then there are multiple farmers’ markets selling local fresh vegetables, fruits, and more.

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