Best innovative Apple Products Steve Jobs Created

Steve Jobs has changed the way we use cell phones. He is the pioneer of touch screen smartphones. He had 241 patents when he died. He was a man of technology, a man of innovation.

He made some amazing innovations which became a core part of Apple Company. He is the innovator behind iPhone technology even though Apple sells other products, iPhone account for the highest revenue.

His innovation is the reason why AAPL Stock surged so high. He has changed lives. Here are his top innovations which became a part of Apple.

  • Apple l:

In the year 1976, Steve Jobs developed a computer which was called Apple l. This computer has no monitor or keyboard. It was just a motherboard. They sold it for $666.66. It was his first creating and innovation. Steve Wozniak was his partner.

  • Apple ll:

It was launched a year after Apple 1 in 1977. It was an updated version of the first computer. There was a keyboard, monitor and OS in this computer. It was mass-produced and was very profitable. It was developed by Steve Wozniak. 

  • Macintosh:

It was introduced in the year 1984. It is called Mac for short. Earlier, it was not quite successful, but as years passed, people started using Mac. It was an advance version of the computer with amazing features. The later versions of the Mac were very successful.

  • Pixar:

It is a computer graphics firm. Steve Jobs bought it from Lucas. He was the director of the Star Wars movie. This firm has won 26 Academy awards for producing various popular animated movies. In the year 2006, he sold Pixar. Disney bought Pixar from Jobs. The bidding price was $7.4 billion. He became the largest stakeholder in Disney Shares. AAPL Stock value increased with this venture.

  • Next: 

After Jobs was hired by Apple, he started another company called neXT. It was a computer development company. They developed computers for the workplace. However, Apple bough neXT because of which Steve Jobs came back to Apple and got his rightful position as the CEO.

  • iPod:

It was launched in the year 2001. It is like a music player. You can add songs in it and listen to music with the help of earbuds.

  • IPhone: 

The iPhone is Job’s biggest creation. It was released in the year 2007. It is a touch screen phone with Smartphone features. It is the most profitable Apple product. iPhone plays a major role in increasing the AAPL Stock price. You can check more information like balance sheet at

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.

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