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Are you having trouble finding ideas of things to cook on your new grill? Fear not we are here to help. There’s nothing quite like getting a new barbecue to start off the warm summer months with. The promise of good food and time spent with great friends makes picking up a grill seem like one of the best choices one could do in front of the summer months.

One small problem that may face, however, is that cooking ideas don’t always come as easily as one might hope. Luckily for you, we’ve got some great recipes to get you started. Whether you’ve picked up a grill powered by gas, charcoal, or electricity, you’re in for some of the best tasting BBQ you’ve ever had.

One of our favorite barbecue recipes, or ricette barbecue if you live in Italy, is an amazing concoction from America called sweet tea barbecued chicken. Instead of using a more traditional coffee additive to the barbecue sauce, tea can be used to add a completely different effect to the end result.

Another fan favorite is the marinated grilled flank steak. There are many ways to marinate the steak for grilling it, of course, but when you mix barbecue sauce, burgundy wine, and lemon juice together, you’ll get a flavor combination that you won’t soon forget.

For those into mixing sweet and savory flavors, this Hawaiian Huli Huli Chicken recipe might get you going. Simply mix together some brown sugar with ketchup, soy sauce, and sherry, with a few inches of fresh ginger root and finely chopped garlic. Allow the chicken to marinade before cooking.

Another popular grill recipe is the BBQ bacon burger. This take on the classic hamburger includes onion rings, ground beef, pepper jack cheese, barbecue sauce, and bacon strips. Each item on the list can be adjusted to taste quite easily and, apart from the deep-fried onion rings, the only things you really need to cook are the bacon strips and ground beef. Of course, getting the buns a bit of the toast will also win you favors with your family and friends.

Speaking of bacon burgers, the mushroom bacon turkey burger is always a winner. All you need for this one are finely chopped mushrooms, breadcrumbs, barbecue sauce, onion and garlic powder, and pepper. Add all of that to your ground turkey, turkey bacon strips, and cheddar cheese. Serve these delicious sandwiches with traditional hamburger buns and barbecue sauce and you’ll be in Turkey heaven.

Another fun barbecue treat is barbecue hotdog and potato packs. Much like cooking on the coals in a campfire, this recipe calls for aluminum foil and whatever you want to put inside. If you ask us, a few hot dogs, and onion, some shredded cheese, a few chopped potatoes, and some barbecue sauce makes for a meal that is as filling as it is flavorful.

To get the most of your barbecue experience, explore new food and flavor combinations as often as possible. There are plenty of books for classic barbecue recipes available, but when you’re looking for something more specific to your tastes, such as region-specific recipes, going to the source is always better.

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