8 Things To Remember If You Want To Upgrade Your Car Rims

For car owners, rims matter a lot. It can significantly enhance your vehicle’s look and — depending on the tires attached to them — its performance as well. In the US, the trend has been “the bigger, the better.” But is it the right choice for you? If you’re looking for Mercedes rims for sale, check out these eight tips to help you upgrade your rims the proper way.

Choose a material to match your goals. Back in the day, steel rims were the standard rim material for many vehicles. If you want to upgrade to a lighter and more fuel-efficient one, aluminum rims are a great alternative. On the other hand, ifyou’re going to add a sleek look to your vehicle, chrome rims can provide the aesthetic revamp you’re looking for.

Get the right size. If you’re searching for Mercedes rims for sale, take note that their diameter should match that of your tires’. Of course, you also have to measure the width and choose the suitable one for your wheels.

Weigh the pros and cons of plus-sizing. There are vehicle owners who upgrade the size of their rims and wheels altogether. Plus sizing doesn’t only make a car look sportier — it also provides more grip because of the larger surface area that makes contact with the road. However, keep in mind that the larger your rims and wheels are, the more expensive they will be (in terms of both upfront and long-term expenses).

Consider getting different sizes for the front and back. Staggering refers to when you’re equipping your vehicle with differently sized tires and rims for the front and back. This also helps enhance the grip and optimizes traction. If you want to experience faster take-offs from a resting position, consider making this upgrade for your wheels.

Check the bolt pattern. When looking for Mercedes rims for sale, you also have to make sure that the rims have a proper fit. You can do so by checking the bolt pattern of your wheels. Bolt patterns are typically depicted in this manner: e.g., 6 x 55. This means that the bolt requires to have six lugs with 5.5-mm length.

Take into account the offset and backspacing. The distance from the back of the wheel to the mounting surface is called backspacing. If you choose a positive offset, the whole wheel will be located near the front; if it’s a negative offset, it will be mounted closer to the rear. A zero offset means that the backspacing in the rear and the front of the wheel is the same. Buy a rim that suits the backspacing size of your vehicle model.

Don’t forget about the maximum load. Each rim has a threshold when it comes to the weight that it can support. So if you’re replacing your old rims with a new one, be sure to get a replacement with the same maximum load capacity.

Buy from a trusted source. Because rims are an integral part of your vehicle, consider it an investment that shouldn’t be cheaped out. Select a supplier with a good reputation and allocate a fair amount of budget for it.

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