10 Fun Facts About Iguanas That You Probably Didn’t Know

Iguanas are amazing lizards and come in lots of different shapes and sizes. The smallest iguana is only 5 inches and the largest nearly 3.5 feet!

If you want to know more about this fascinating creature, then take a look at our guide. See how many facts you already knew. We bet there are a few you didn’t!

Here are 10 fun facts about iguanas that you probably had no idea about!

  1. They’re Solar Powered

Like many lizards, iguanas are cold-blooded creatures and rely on the warmth of the sun to help regulate their body temperature. If they do not receive enough warmth from the sun, they can become immobile.

  1. They Can Survive Great Falls

An adult iguana can fall a distance of 40-60ft without significant injury due to their stocky and hardy frames. Lucky as they often live in trees.

However, iguanas tend to fall out of trees when they are very cold. They tend to survive the fall but have been known to cause injuries to anyone unlucky enough to be underneath.

  1. They Have Long Lifespans

Iguanas are the longest-lived of all lizards. In the wild a typical lifespan for an iguana is 20 years. Sadly, in captivity, they tend to live much shorter lives due to poor care.

Some Galapagos Island iguanas have lived for over 60 years.

  1. They Have Three Eyes

One of the greatest facts about iguanas is that they actually have a third eye. The first two are quite obvious but the third eye sits on the top of the iguana’s head.

Known as a parietal eye, this additional organ is common in reptile species although it is very different from the paired eyes. The eye is very simple and can only detect movement, perhaps protecting the iguana from attacks from above.

  1. They Are Multicolored

Green iguanas are very common but did you know that you can get blue, red, yellow, and even black iguanas.

Male iguanas turn orange when they are seeking a mate.

  1. They’re Terrified of Hawks

Hawks are a natural predator of iguanas and if an iguana hears a hawks cry they will become paralyzed with fear. Unfortunately, this tends to make them bigger targets!

  1. They are Not Native to North America

Iguanas can be found in southern parts of the United States but they natively come from South America. Those found in North America are ancestors of escaped pets.

  1. They’re Excellent Swimmers

Iguanas have broad flat tails so they can swim as quickly and easily as crocodiles when in the water.

They will often retreat to the water when threatened, if possible, as they can swim faster than they can run.

  1. They Can Hold Their Breath

An iguana can hold its breath for between 30-60 minutes when underwater depending on the breed.

They don’t have gills like fish so they can not breathe underwater, but they can stay deep down for a long time.

  1. They Can Regenerate

Iguanas use their tails to swim and fight. If they lose their tail in an accident, they can grow it back. Although this may take some time.

Fun Facts About Iguanas

We hope that you have enjoyed reading these fun facts about iguanas. Now, you may be wondering about what to do if you spot one in the wild.

As with all wild animals it is best to leave them alone but, do be careful of falling iguanas when walking under trees in winter!

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