When to Drop-In Rummy?

Online rummy is a skill-based game that needs thinking and analysis to win. However, even after the best trials, things do not always go our way. One may find losing the game due to the opponents being more experienced than them, or luck may not be on their side, or they may have been dealt a bad hand.

So, what is suggested to do? One must drop out in such a situation. If you are a newcomer who has recently started playing, you need to understand the importance of dropping out when needed.

What is a drop?

Dropping is one of the effective strategies to learn to master rummy games. One needs to drop when he/she is not able to arrange the cards to win. The goal is to form at least one sequence and a more valid supported sequence. The remaining cards need to be arranged in invalid sequences or sets.

If many cards are unmatched, and for some time, if you cannot group your cards into valid sets and sequences, it is the time to quit or drop.

It is better to leave when you realize there are not many chances of winning. It will not incur too many points.

Leaving the game in such a manner is known as dropping it.

Types of drop

The following are a few types of drops in rummy.

First drop

When you leave the game early on the first turn itself, it is considered the first drop. It will cost you 20 points in the game.

Middle drop

When one leaves the game of online rummy any time after the first turn, it will be considered the middle drop. This drop costs the player 40 points in the game.

Automatic drop 

If one misses three rounds in a row, then he/she is automatically dropped from the online game. The penalty for it is 40 points.

Remember, if you don’t pick a card, it results in the first drop, and if you leave the game after picking a card, it is the middle drop.

When to drop the game

  • Suppose you have plenty of high-value cards like Ace, King, Queen, or Jack, each having 10 points. If you don’t have the mid-value in-between cards to support them, playing with such high-value cards alone will add too many points to the score. Dropping out is the best option at such a point with securing 20 points.
  • Without a joker in-game, it is not easy to win the online rummy game. If you don’t have a joker and a good hand to win, dropping is considered the best option.
  • While you are playing with cash and not arranging your cards, it is suggested to drop out the moment you realize that winning will be difficult.


If you face trouble arranging your cards or if you have a joker as well as a wild joker, the chances of winning are high. Joker cards can take the place of missing cards while forming valid sets and impure sequences.

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