How to Control Android Phone from Another Phone Remotely

Even if smartphones are increasingly protected, solutions exist to hack an Android smartphone and iPhone remotely, so without having access to the phone in question. The preferred tools to achieve this are called “spyware” and must be installed directly on your target’s device: then, you will receive usage reports at regular intervals on your personal account for effective and discreet monitoring.

Parents who want to monitor their children’s activities, spouses in search of the truth, and business owners can use these methods to learn more about the activities their targets are conducting on their phones. Whether you are at home, at work or on vacation, spyware continues to work and provide you with information on your target’s smartphone.

For example, so-called “keylogger” or “keylogger” software is frequently used by business or school leaders to ensure that their employees / school teachers work well during the day and do not communicate trade secrets to third parties. Since these spyware to monitor a phone have had time to develop in the past few years, the functionalities that they make available to their users are made to adapt to the many applications that there are today. The use of the JJSPY app is perfect now.

Hack a phone

How to hack a cellphone with number only?

If you do not want to opt for a monitoring software for mobile phone, you can then simply use the mobile number of your target: indeed, some mobile phone providers offer the possibility of tracking the movements of the phone by GPS, similarly as sent and received SMS and calls.

In order to obtain this surveillance right from these suppliers, you will have to certify that you are the parent of the person who uses the spy phone. If your child is over 18, he or she must also consent to this monitoring in writing.

How to hack an Android phone?

As with an iPhone device, monitoring Android smartphones involves installing spyware in it; thus, you will be able to receive detailed and regular reports on all the daily activities of your target. Note that this information will be automatically sent to a personal account, which guarantees discreet spying at any time of the day. Here is an overview of the information that you can view on your personal platform by installing a spy app for Android:

  • Tables, diagrams and slides with resources / applications used on the laptop.
  • A list of web pages visited.
  • Detailed reports on your target’s phone usage, either by notification or by email.

How to hack an iPhone?

A technique exists to help spyware spy on an iPhone: it is the jailbreak of the phone – in short, its unlocking. This can still scare some users who may think that the operation is too complicated, or that the unlock process will damage the phone. Fortunately, the number 1 spy software of 2020mSpy has a “no jailbreak” mode so that you can still hack an Apple brand smartphone without having to jailbreak it.

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