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"Yume Nikki" Awakens for Free Download, New Project

"Yume Nikki" Awakens for Free Download, New Project

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by January 11, 2018 Anime

“Yume Nikki” Awakens for Free Download, New Project


Don’t go to bed just yet — you and Madotsuki could be cruising the Nexus in just a few minutes.


The cult classic J-horror game Yume Nikki has appeared on Steam as a free download. The 14-year-old game, previously not available via legal localization, is being distributed by AGM PLAYISM, who have also localized other favorites like Mad Father and Misao. 


While updates and light novel adaptations of Yume Nikki exist, its original creator, Kikiyama, has been notably absent from projects for approximately a decade. The localization of the original alone would be enough to make one wonder if the mysterious Kikiyama has emerged, but there’s one more element: a countdown page hosted by Kadokawa:



The countdown page hasn’t hidden any hints in the source code, but what we see up front is already interesting enough. The two-week countdown page lists kikiyama, “Project Yumenikki,” and Kadokawa as being copyright holders on the new project. Plus, the title is now stylized as YUMENIKKI -DREAM DIARY-.

Exactly what the new project consists of, we’ll have to wait and see. For now, it seems as though both Madotsuki and kikiyama are awake and ready for more weirdness.



>> Download Yume Nikki on Steam

Source: IGN




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“Yume Nikki” Awakens for Free Download, New Project