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What accounts for the differences in success between Sunmi and Hyuna as solos?

What accounts for the differences in success between Sunmi and Hyuna as solos?

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by January 12, 2018 Korean Entertainment

What accounts for the differences in success between Sunmi and Hyuna as solos?

Article: The difference between Sunmi and Hyuna boils down to marketing

Source: OSEN via Nate

1. [+1,870, -92] It’s basically a WG battle and Sunmi wins. I never knew Sunmi would be this good. Hyuna was always over the top whereas Sunmi wasn’t and I think that’s where their divide lies

2. [+1,440, -50] Hyuna seemed like she was trying to change up her image with ‘Bebe’ before returning back to her dirty sexy concept with ‘Lip & Hip’… she seemed okay up to ‘Red’ but every concept after that has been provocative.

3. [+1,183, -48] I completely agree

4. [+120, -12] Yeah it’s marketing but Hyuna has already shown so much whereas Sunmi is just now revealing her charms that she kept hidden while in WG. If Sunmi kept going with the same concept, people are eventually going to get tired of her too. Sometimes being too exposed to the public all the time isn’t the best. Another difference is that Hyuna does sexy concepts that anyone can pull off whereas Sunmi’s music feels uniquely her own. She’s created a world for herself. Sure Hyuna’s pretty and charming but her concepts are pretty average. Sunmi’s concepts show more about her personal style than being about looking sexy whereas Hyuna is nothing more than about how much clothes she can take off.

5. [+105, -7] Hyuna has nothing new left to show. And let’s be real, she’s not ‘sexy’ anymore, she’s just cheap.

6. [+100, -3] Nevermind all these concept talks, Hyuna’s songs just plain suck……

7. [+99, -5] I personally only remember how sexually provocative Hyuna’s concepts were but I remember all of Sunmi’s songs

8. [+83, -10] I had no idea that Sunmi would grow to beat out even Hyuna since she was never a member that stood out in WG… She has a sexiness to her that feels classy and her music is personal to her style, not just trendy. I wish her luck…

9. [+77, -5] Sunmi exceeded expectations and Hyuna just went over the top;;; to the point where her sexy concepts began to look gross

10. [+70, -7] Hyuna became weird after her chest surgery. I’ve never seen a man around me say that he likes her. She’s untalented and only cares about showing skin which can only take you so far. Sunmi, on the other hand, is good at live singing and keeps showing improvement in her skills. She’s pretty but also knows how to control herself and hold it back when needed.

11. [+61, -3] Hyuna’s concepts aren’t sexy anymore but like another comment said, just dirty. She’s in her mid-twenties now, what is she thinking? Her agency has completely dropped her image to rock bottom… She doesn’t seem talented in particularly anything else either. What exactly has she accomplished in her 10 years in this industry?

12. [+55, -3] I can’t stand Hyuna’s voice and her concepts are always over the top

13. [+55, -5] Honestly they both suck at singing but Sunmi’s concepts are uniquely sexy whereas Hyuna’s aren’t sexy at all but obvious displays at how desperate she is to look sexy. I want her to go back to her cute sexy image from before.

14. [+48, -2] I’d boil it down to their songs… Sunmi has personally come out with a good song every time but Hyuna’s gone downhill since ‘Bubble Pop’…

15. [+46, -2] I get that Sunmi dominated Hyuna by having comebacks at similar times but Hyuna has already put out 10 albums now as a solo. It’s difficult to stay relevant on the charts when consumers have already seen so much of you. I don’t think it boils down to who’s more talented or whatever, just that the public has already seen everything about Hyuna and there’s nothing more for them to care about. It’s going to become harder and harder for Hyuna to even stay in the Melon top 10 (she’s consistently been around #20 since ‘Red’)

Source: Netizen Buzz
What accounts for the differences in success between Sunmi and Hyuna as solos?