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Urusei Yatsura Says "Aloha" with Anniversary Collection

Urusei Yatsura Says "Aloha" with Anniversary Collection

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by June 12, 2018 Anime

Urusei Yatsura Says “Aloha” with Anniversary Collection


Japanese clothing line earth music&ecology is rolling out their latest Urusei Yatsura-inspired collection for the classic series’s 40th anniversary. Can’t see what’s so UY about it? Look closer:



The new line features a dress and skirt made with this floral fabric, sprinkled with happy little art of Lum and Ten. If you prefer to wear your fandom a little more visible, there are items for that, too:



The line also includes a shirt, tote, and pouch emblazoned with neon-style artwork of Lum at the beach.



Finally, a gold necklace features a heart charm in Lum’s distinctive hair color, plus a gold lighting bolt as a reminder of her electric shock power.


All the items in this collection are available to pre-order on the Stripe Club website until June 17, with delivery anticipated in mid-august.


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Urusei Yatsura Says “Aloha” with Anniversary Collection