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Ulzzang Han Se Yeon denies dating Baro

Ulzzang Han Se Yeon denies dating Baro

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Ulzzang Han Se Yeon denies dating Baro

Article: Dating Baro?… who is ulzzang Han Se Yeon?

Source: SBS funE via Naver

1. [+2,158, -51] We’re not hating because he’s dating someone, we’re hating because he showed an attitude to his fans at his fan meets, multiple times already. We don’t care that he’s dating, he’s an adult male after all.

2. [+1,293, -87] Can’t say that I care

3. [+824, -302] Baro should hold on to her, she’s quite pretty

4. [+564, -154] Wow pretty~~^^

5. [+302, -8] Does Baro think a fan meet is just some place to hang out? It’s a professional work schedule where fans spent their own money to attend. It’s unforgivable how he was acting, let alone unprofessional.

6. [+267, -13] Sigh… it finally hit the media. Honestly, they were making it too obvious. I ask of all idols… it’s fine if you date but please don’t make your fans a fool in the process. Remember that it’s your fans who made it possible for you to make money and live the good life. At least be considerate towards them ㅜ

7. [+262, -17] I never found Baro charming… don’t find his personality that tasteful either…

8. [+222, -19] All female celebrity faces look the same… pretty but nothing unique or charming about them.

Source: Nate

1. [+273, -13] Why is it that girlfriends act like they’re going to die if they don’t show off who they’re dating ㅋ I get wanting to show off but don’t hurt his fans in the process ㅋㅋ

2. [+135, -11] Her nose looks weird… is she Pinocchio?

3. [+125, -4] She’s Yoo Hyun Jin, she used to be on ‘Ulzzang Generation’ back in the day. I remember she got a ton of hate back then too for looking super different from her pictures. Now she got a ton of work done and looks better.

4. [+12, -0] So plastic, there’s not an inch on her face that isn’t plastic, even the Joker smile she’s got going on

5. [+5, -0] Who is she though ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Article: [Exclusive Interview] Han Se Yeon, “B1A4 Baro is not my boyfriend… the lovestagrams are unfounded”

Source: E-Daily via Naver

1. [+71, -11] Baro-ya, start acting right… you’re the only member to always be starting controversies like this. It’s upsetting as a fan.

2. [+33, -6] Well they’re not famous enough for Dispatch so I doubt we’ll be getting picture evidence… Baro better start acting right before his fans leave him for good~

3. [+35, -12] Can’t B1A4 just drop Baro? I still remember him as the member who totally turned me off from my favorite show, ‘Fridge’…

4. [+21, -3] Why do all women look like her these days

5. [+3, -0] Who is she though…

Article: “Heartbreaking” B1A4’s Baro, Lovestagram -> apology for attitude scandal

Source: X Sports News via Nate

1. [+980, -23] If he’s in a bad mood at his fan meets, he’ll keep his mouth shut, avoid eye contact, and act really obvious that he doesn’t want to be there. He must think he’s some super important being who’s allowed to treat his fans however he wants… well he should realize that karma will come back for him. He doesn’t seem to understand that he is where he is thanks to his fans.

2. [+846, -14] I saw on Twitter how fans had to ask one another what kind of mood Baro is in at their fan meets;;;;; it’s sad that fans have to play around the moods and whims of their own celebrity…

3. [+76, -0] He’s not even popular enough to warrant having the star disease…

4. [+68, -2] He’s so cocky ㅋㅋ learn some humility

5. [+58, -1] He’s the perfect example of someone whose parents didn’t raise them right ㅎㅎ his parents either let him get away with anything or refused to reprimand him at all

6. [+48, -0] It’s actually kind of sad that someone as rotten as him still has fans who feel loyal to him. He has no hit tracks, no talent, average visuals… what is he so cocky for? For that flash of fame he had on ‘Reply’? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+42, -0] I always knew he’d get himself into a scandal one day

8. [+41, -2] He should be so grateful that he has any fans for his C-list a$$, why is he acting like he’s a top star?

9. [+38, -2] I saw him at a rice noodle restaurant in Garosugil once and he was with a woman then. I was so, so surprised at how average he looked. He was so small, tanned, and average looking. I had no idea he looked like that.

10. [+29, -1] I don’t think his Lovestagram is the issue ㅋㅋ… his poor fans for putting up with his attitude is. Why should they be asking each other what mood he’s in and acting accordingly?

Source: Netizen Buzz
Ulzzang Han Se Yeon denies dating Baro