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Tiffany signs with an American agency

Tiffany signs with an American agency

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Tiffany signs with an American agency

Article: [Exclusive] SNSD member Tiffany signs contract with American agency

Source: Ilgan Sports via Nate

1. [+164, -32] She’s been missing for so long, I guess she was prepping for this in America. This is probably better for her. While male celebrities like Kang Dong Won who get themselves into hot water manage to continue working, female idols still get hate nearly years and two apologies later. It’s best she leaves Korea and promotes in America.

2. [+138, -26] She’s getting hate even now two years after she left her show immediately and has stayed off of SNS. The public is so lenient on male celebrities who perform in rising sun shirts, do drugs, and commit crimes, and yet what more does Tiffany have to do just for using a location-based Snapchat sticker, which she already apologized for? People are still hating on her, don’t act like she’s not getting any.

3. [+85, -24] Wow, that picture is eye-catching

4. [+24, -6] I’m sure it’s better for Tiffany this way

5. [+23, -3] There’s already an American scent to her from her style

6. [+8, -3] She said she was going to an acting academy in America and studying more, I guess her prep work is done now

7. [+8, -22] Wow, that’s a good picture. But does Tiffany have potential in America?

8. [+3, -0] It’s not a problem, not like she’s making a comeback in Korea or anything

Source: Netizen Buzz
Tiffany signs with an American agency