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‘The Unit’ comes to an end with finalized rankings

‘The Unit’ comes to an end with finalized rankings

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by February 12, 2018 Korean Entertainment

‘The Unit’ comes to an end with finalized rankings

Article: ‘The Unit’ Final #1 are Jun for male and Euijin for female… Debut group of 18 members chosen

Source: Herald Pop via Naver

Unit B
1) U-KISS – Jun
2) BIGFLO – Euijin
3) HOTSHOT – Hojung
4) BIGSTAR – Feeldog
5) H.B.Y. – Marco
6) Newkidd – Ji Han Sol
7) MADTOWN – Daewon
8) IM – Kijoong
9) A.C.E – Chan

Unit G
1) SONAMOO – Eujin
2) DIA – Yebin
3) NC.A
4) Yoon Joo
5) Lee Hyun Joo
6) Yang Ji Won
7) Dal Shabet – Woo Hee
8) Laboum – ZN
9) Lee Suji

1. [+2661, -121] Semi and Yuna Kim led everyone but only others benefited ㅠㅠ

2. [+2205, -138] Are Donghyun and Timotheo for real? Donghyun-ah ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

3. [+1919, -168] It doesn’t make sense ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I can only laugh. The ranking of Unit G is even more absurd. How can Yuna Kim not be on it?

4. [+1396, -96] Hah… I was surprised because it was changed alot. As I was watching the final ranking today, I felt like my time was wasted watching this show…

5. [+1394, -128] Female ranking from #8 to #4 is really interesting…

6. [+543, -30] Participants like Jeup and Donghyun were more like everyone’s bias because they had a likeable image rather than their fandoms. Timotheo just lost the game of sense… Since text votes are important, people must’ve thought voting for an unpopular member wouldn’t be a threat to the ranking. On Produce 101, Kim Jonghyun was eliminated but NU’EST started to do well. Just like NU’EST, I hope Hot Shot does well afterwards.

7. [+563, -58] Everything aside, Rain better not host any other show after this.

8. [+518, -22] The mid-ranking of top 9 led to this.

9. [+485, -43] Where are Semi, Yuna Kim, and Timotheo…

10. [+484, -54] Is the boy group a dance team? There’s no one that can sing.

(Thanks to @seoparkang for the request!)

Source: K-POP, K-FANS
‘The Unit’ comes to an end with finalized rankings