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Studio CEO’s body discovered, petitions call for prosecution of Yang Yewon

Studio CEO’s body discovered, petitions call for prosecution of Yang Yewon

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Studio CEO’s body discovered, petitions call for prosecution of Yang Yewon

Article: “Prosecute Yang Yewon” national petitions pour out over the suicide of studio CEO

Source: Star News via Nate

1. [+1,563, -738] But he killed himself because he was facing investigations over evidence of him leaking the photos

2. [+1,399, -685] Do you guys really believe him to be innocent? According to investigations, I don’t think he was completely innocent. Just because you kill yourself after leaving a letter doesn’t absolve you of your crimes. I don’t think it’s right to say he died because of so and so or so and so killed him… What should be a priority is finding out who committed what crime.

3. [+334, -125] Yes, leaking the photos was bad… but Yang Yewon that bad b*tch should be prosecuted too

4. [+180, -164] He died because he did something wrong. Why blame Yang Yewon for that? Does dying absolve you of your crimes?

5. [+113, -58] Please prosecute Yang Yewon ㅠㅠ She took those photos on her own will and only started saying she was sexually harassed once she was backed into a corner. She was the one who begged for more schedules because she wanted to do more. I don’t think this CEO did anything wrong. Can Yang Yewon not be punished for claiming that she was forced into these shoots and leading him to his death by dumping the whole thing on him? No matter what financial hardships most women face, they normally don’t resort to stripping. She’s horrible for trying to cosplay as the victim just to save herself…

6. [+71, -40] Whether he leaked the pictures or not, why did she even take the pictures? I get taking them the first time but again after that?

7. [+62, -11] Regardless, he was falsely charged about Yang Yewon. F*ck, she’s the one who needed the money and begged him for more shoots and now she’s whining that she was forced into doing it. I’m not defending the studio CEO or saying he did anything right but Yang Yewon does not deserve to get off this scot free.

8. [+62, -14] We’re not saying the CEO is innocent. Yeah, I’m sure Yang Yewon didn’t want to do it either but she chose to do it for her own gains and things unfortunately didn’t turn out the way she wanted but that doesn’t mean she can just go and act like the victim when she wasn’t. That’s disgusting.

9. [+48, -22] The fact of the matter is that she was at risk of being dumped by her boyfriend after those pictures got leaked so she lied to the entire public like she was the victim, squeezing out tears that weren’t even coming out to put on a show on YouTube. She thought she’d get out of it then but things got out of hand and here we are now. What’s sad is that she still believes she’s the victim, she still refuses to tell the truth. Once she admits to everything, she’ll be branded as a crazy b*tch who will never be able to show herself anywhere.

10. [+34, -9] The whole point of this scandal is that Yang Yewon was never a victim of sexual harassment. You can tell from her pictures alone that it was totally voluntary and willing. She is not the #metoo victim that she’s claiming to be. The only thing is that the photoshoot was private but the pictures were leaked. Keep in mind that this is a girl who personally texted the CEO asking for more work ㅋㅋㅋ too bad her lies ended in branding a man as a sexual predator and leading to his suicide

Source: Netizen Buzz
Studio CEO’s body discovered, petitions call for prosecution of Yang Yewon