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Seungri continues to expand his Aori ramen chain

Seungri continues to expand his Aori ramen chain

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Seungri continues to expand his Aori ramen chain

Article: Seungri’s 200 million won ramen house continues to earn attention… proof shot of ’41st chain opening’

Source: Segye Ilbo via Nate

1. [+1,742, -48] Idiots, it only takes a moment for a chain to close out. Seungri’s the only one making money out of all of this. Joining celebrity businesses is risky because it’s reliant on their popularity.

2. [+1,696, -124] You have got to be kidding me with that 200 million won in sales ㅋㅋㅋ Has anyone ever visited twice? Most of the people I know have only gone once and never again; How much was that TV show given to promote his restaurant? For two weeks in a row, he was given screentime of eating ramen.

3. [+1,410, -87] I checked it out of curiosity and it was so expensive and not worth the money… but I’m sure others like it since new chains keep opening…

4. [+107, -1] Once his bubble pops, it only takes a second for everything to crumble~ Please stop promoting this stuff recklessly. You’ll have naive youth jump into it thinking they can run a business too.

5. [+95, -2] His bubble’s already been popping… if you go read restaurant reviews, they’re full of negative reviews. I think he only cares about how big he can expand rather than the quality.

6. [+87, -2] When I see him on TV lately, I’m reminded of Lee Sang Min right before he went bankrupt. He should really be careful with using his bubble to expand his business.

7. [+52, -0] I tried it once and it was so bad I was determined to never go back. Really expensive… and greasy.

8. [+47, -0] I feel like he’s only on that TV show to promote his restaurant

9. [+34, -1] One opened locally so I checked it out and it was too salty and expensive, not a place I’d go twice. When I ate ramen in Japan, I ate everything down to the last drop but I left the soup at his… I guess it’s a love or hate type place.

10. [+21, -0] It’s hard for even the bigger restaurants around Gangnam station to pull 200 million won in monthly sales..

Source: Netizen Buzz
Seungri continues to expand his Aori ramen chain