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‘Return’ accuses Go Hyun Jung of using a teleprompter + Park Jin Hee confirmed to join the drama

‘Return’ accuses Go Hyun Jung of using a teleprompter + Park Jin Hee confirmed to join the drama

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by February 12, 2018 Korean Entertainment

‘Return’ accuses Go Hyun Jung of using a teleprompter + Park Jin Hee confirmed to join the drama

Article: ‘Return’ another witness? “Go Hyun Jung is not the victim, she requested a ‘prompter’ because she didn’t memorize her lines”

Source: Sports Today via Nate

1. [+3,518, -625] They’re going off of an anonymous comment? How can you even have a prompter in a drama? It’s so important to see where actors keep their gaze in the middle of a scene.

2. [+3,338, -534] Why can’t that supposed “staff” release their name if they’re going to talk like this?

3. [+2,713, -388] It doesn’t make sense because she never had any lines long enough to even need a prompter

4. [+138, -28] This is a drama, not the morning news. Why would a prompter be needed ㅋㅋㅋㅋ this “anonymous” tip is all sorts of suspicious. Why would Go Hyun Jung request that when she’s an actor who’s required to keep her gaze in the scene at all times? ㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+114, -76] But why is everyone defending Go Hyun Jung… how can it be that all these staff coming forward are telling lies?

6. [+75, -27] Prompter? Go Hyun Jung never had a scene where she either looked at the floor or mid-air ㅋㅋ and so what if she really did need a prompter? It’s the same thing as some actors who need artificial tears because they can’t cry in the scene on their own.

7. [+54, -33] I don’t get why all the best replies are so defensive of her though;; I remember even at the beginning of the drama, she acted like a big shot telling journalists that she didn’t want to be photographed next to skinnier people and telling them to stop when she wanted them to. A lot of staff have said that she’s been uncooperative on set too;;; it’s not enough to just feel bad for her for being cut, you have to think of her co-stars and the producers who were left after her irresponsibility…

8. [+47, -11] Tons of dramas use prompters. I remember they used it for ‘Goblin’ too. I never knew it was a reason to tear down an actor for it. I assure you, prompters are used in all dramas. They’re just banking on the normal people not knowing about it and using it as a weapon to hate on her.

Article: [Exclusive] “Proof picture” Go Hyun Jung really did need a prompter

Source: Ilgan Sports via Nate

1. [+5,467, -984] Okay, we get it, we’ll stop watching the drama. This whole thing is so childish.

2. [+5,148, -1,079] SBS and the director are fully intent on exiling Go Hyun Jung for good, it seems

3. [+5,138, -922] Enough’s enough, ‘Return’ is just playing dirty now

4. [+387, -148] Weren’t all these “witnesses” basically the producers dropping tips? Even if Go Hyun Jung didn’t memorize her lines and needed a prompter, her acting was good enough in the scenes where the viewer had no idea she was even reading off of one. Doesn’t matter how many more “faults” the producers come up with, it’s just ruining Return’s image in the end ㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+293, -131] So many comments in the previous article demanding proof of the prompter and now that they provide proof, it’s suddenly “childish”?????

6. [+272, -114] People demanded proof so they gave proof and now the same people are saying it’s childish… why is everyone so quick to shield Go Hyun Jung? She didn’t do one good thing in this whole mess

7. [+207, -87] It’s crazy how every article is shielding her… all the best replies get voted up so quickly

8. [+168, -82] I’m actually disgusted by the people defending her still. You all demanded proof and you were provided proof and now you’re saying you’re sick of the drama. This mess wouldn’t have even gotten this far if people took a neutral stance in the first place. Instead, people kept pushing public sentiment towards Go Hyun Jung being the victim and the SBS PD being in the wrong no matter what that SBS is going even more gung-ho on exiling her.

Article: [Exclusive] Go Hyun Jung reps, “We feel regretful about the prompter controversy, we merely hope the best for ‘Return'”

Source: Sports Chosun via Nate

1. [+939, -285] Well she isn’t denying it…

2. [+894, -476] Not that the PD did anything right either but she really should lose her temper

3. [+795, -275] Both sides are basically at fault, no one’s the victim here

4. [+68, -20] This entire thing basically feels like two hot tempered people finally meeting their match

5. [+68, -57] I feel like she has an obligation to at least see the drama through for the sake of her fans and viewers instead of just saying “sorry” and being irresponsible. She received a 70% advance. How can she blame anger as an excuse for conflicting opinions and just quit like that? And she didn’t even memorize her lines to boot? A temper like hers could never last a day in our society.

6. [+57, -14] For how much she’s paid, she really needs to take care of herself better. She didn’t even manage her weight and took on the drama while still bloated, and it reminds me of how she demanded that she not be taken pictures next to Han Eun Jung. As for the PD, he needs to stop with the petty media play. Both of them should screw off.

7. [+55, -54] She already said she’s quitting and wishes the drama her best. At this point, the drama needs to just focus on the drama instead of her dragging her through the mud like this. Don’t they have a busy film schedule?

8. [+53, -29] She did nothing good in any of this, and was irresponsible about it to boot…

Article: [Official] Park Jin Hee confirmed to join ‘Return’

Source: Korea Ilbo via Nate

1. [+2,460, -138] She media played for days when we all knew she’d take the role eventually ㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+2,129, -137] So were all the articles putting Go Hyun Jung down so that they could announce Park Jin Hee?

3. [+1,871, -132] The drama’s trash anyway, I’m not going to watch ㅋㅋ

4. [+225, -16] It’s clear she wanted the role from the moment she was offered it. It was confirmed with the PD and everything but since they couldn’t come out with the news right away, they took a couple days to media play about Go Hyun Jung before confirming her ㅋ

5. [+204, -13] I just can’t support her because I see right through her. She wanted the role but realized that public sentiment was against her so the drama put out all those hate articles on Go Hyun Jung until people caved in enough where she could be confirmed in… pretty petty

Source: Naver

1. [+19,804, -971] As if this is news~ we all knew it was confirmed, right?

2. [+18,346, -2,846] This is so petty… she should realize that turning down the role was the best for everyone. Now she’s going to get all that hate.

3. [+16,394, -1,471] Seems like she realized that the public was turning on Go Hyun Jung with that prompter controversy so she jumped in and took the role. We all knew she’d take it from the start, she was just testing the public until then.

4. [+15,321, -1,346] We knew she would~ I’m done with ‘Return’

5. [+6,276, -379] Daebak… goosebumps… she was shooting all along but testing the public this entire time…

6. [+5,448, -289] As expected, she joins right after all that prompter mess hit the news ㅋㅋㅋ

Source: Netizen Buzz
‘Return’ accuses Go Hyun Jung of using a teleprompter + Park Jin Hee confirmed to join the drama