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OPINION: Why I Still Think Black Clover Is the Best Shonen in Years

OPINION: Why I Still Think Black Clover Is the Best Shonen in Years

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by September 18, 2018 Anime

OPINION: Why I Still Think Black Clover Is the Best Shonen in Years

Guess Who Is Back?! So, it’s been about 2.5 months since I ruffled a few feathers with my my Why I Think Black Clover Is the Best Shonen in Years feature. I have to admit, I was pleased to see (out of the 350+ comments and countless Twitter jabs) just how much support for The Black Bulls was out there on the internet. Tons of people jumped up to say they, too, were enjoying Black Clover.


Well, apparently I didn’t learn my lesson, because here I am with yet another Why I Think Black Clover Is the Best Shonen in Years piece. We’re nearing the end of another story arc (one of my favourites, really), and with the recently-announced continuation of the Black Clover anime, I felt it was time to jump back into it.


Asta from Black Clover

The current arc–the Seabed Temple Arc–is what I consider to be Black Clover’s turning point. Every shonen manga and anime has it, and it’s usually the point in the series where it gets really good, and only continues to get better. For My Hero Academia, it was the Sports Festival arc. For Naruto, it was the Chunin Exams. For Hunter x Hunter, it was, well… the first chapter. You see what I mean, right? There are many great things about the Seabed Temple Arc–most of which are everyone giving it their all to strike down Vetto. It’s been a crazy set of fights, but this isn’t even the best of what Black Clover has to offer.


Manga readers: you know what’s coming. I’m right beside you, giddy with anticipation. Anime-only watchers? You’re in for some pretty wicked stuff. If you’ve been following me on Twitter or around Crunchyroll, you know who my best girl is: Mimosa. So allow me to say “Mimosa who?” After this arc, how could you not be completely smitten by The Black Bulls’ leading lady, Noelle.


Noelle from Black Clover


It only seems like yesterday when pretty much every anime community was filled with “HEY DOES ANYONE ELSE THINK ASTA’S YELLING IS LOUD????”. I think even the most fervent Black Clover fan can admit to Asta’s set of pipes being an acquired taste. However, I think it provided a unique bond between the viewer and the show. At first, everyone was annoyed with Asta. He was the loud wannabe with no magic, after all. Then as time progressed, he proved to be an asset to even those who shunned him. His never-say-die attitude was inspiring. Eventually, he became the hero we could all depend on. In many ways, we weren’t just viewers. We were part of this world. We experienced it.


As much as I love the series up to this point, the next arcs are where I get really excited for Black Clover. Consider everything until now the origin story of Asta, Noelle, and the Black Bulls. The real story begins here. I don’t know how far the anime’s extension will take us (though I’m hoping forever, and this is coming from a guy who loathes filler with a passion) but I’m excited nevertheless.


Vanessa and Finral from Black Clover anime manga


There’s leagues more to come beyond this, but each arc proves to be better than the last. Each holds defining moments for characters we’ve grown with and characters we soon come to cherish. Enemies become comrades. Important families grow larger, and I’m not just talking about the Vermillions and Silvas: our beloved Black Bulls grow as well. Challenges arise that stump even the most powerful of wizards. And at the end of the day, peace rests in the hands of our ragtag misfit family and the power of never giving up. The real question is whether not giving up will be enough to stop the ancient looming threat that lurks in the shadows.


We’re so close to the real meat-and-potatoes of Black Clover that my mouth is watering. I’m out here looking forward to Tuesdays instead of Fridays now. If you were impressed with Asta’s latest scrap with Vetto, you better buckle up, because it doesn’t even compare to what’s on the horizon. I won’t spoil too much, but I will just throw out there that dragons in Black Clover are really, really awesome


Magic Knight Captains, Black Clover anime manga


Even if you brush Black Clover off as formulaic, or cast it aside because (weirdly enough?) a shonen protagonist is yelling, you still have to give credit where credit’s due: this is a series with a ton of heart and spirit. And we’re not even at the good parts yet! While the anime has been a slow-burning candle, expanding on some parts of the manga that often felt a bit rushed, we’re nearing the end of an arc where the wick is lit, and the candle doesn’t just burn: it gets engulfed in fire. From here on out, there’s no slowing down. That’s what makes Black Clover the best shonen series I’ve read and watched in years.


Has Black Clover managed to win you over? Without spoiling it for anyone, what are you most looking forward to in the upcoming episodes? What’s been your favourite moment so far? Sound off in the comments below!


Zach Godin is a writer from Canada living in the UK. Feel free to check out his fiction work, or shoot him a hello on Twitter.

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OPINION: Why I Still Think Black Clover Is the Best Shonen in Years