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Na Ying quits ‘Sing! China’ after six seasons

Na Ying quits ‘Sing! China’ after six seasons

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Na Ying quits ‘Sing! China’ after six seasons

(Toggle) Chinese singer Na Ying issued a post yesterday through her work studio’s Weibo announcing that she would not be returning for the subsequent episodes of Chinese reality talent show Sing! China after six seasons of being a mentor (she was previously a judge and mentor on the past four seasons of The Voice of China).

“It’s time to take a break. After six seasons, I have become more aware that music is fair. Therefore, it breaks my heart every time I have to say good bye to a contestant and it has left me mentally and physically exhausted,” wrote the singer.

This news comes after claims that the show might be rigged after fellow mentor and singer Eason Chan previously revealed that a director had told both him and Na Ying to push their buttons (to show approval) for a particular contestant.

Na Ying initially refuted these claims and called Eason “unprofessional” but suspicions were further heightened after news of her quitting came two days following his revelation.

Speculations that she was invited to appear on the reality show I Am a Singer also surfaced after the programme’s director, Hong Tao. was seen “liking” her Weibo post.

However, he later explained that his hand had “slipped,” and that he had not made her an offer.

Sing! China’s publicity director, Lu Wei has also said that the “cast and crew remain very good friends both off and on the show” and added that plans for the next season of the programme was already in motion.

However, he has yet to address the reason behind Na Ying’s departure nor disclosed the last day of her appearance on the programme.

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Na Ying quits ‘Sing! China’ after six seasons