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More Literary Magical Girls Fill Out the Cast of "Maerchen Maedchen"

More Literary Magical Girls Fill Out the Cast of "Maerchen Maedchen"

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by November 12, 2017 Japanese Entertainment

More Literary Magical Girls Fill Out the Cast of “Maerchen Maedchen”


Another trio of magical girl characters have been revealed for Maerchen Maedchen, an upcoming TV anime based on the fantasy light novel series developed by Tomohiro Matsu and StoryWorks with illustrations by Kantoko about a girl who embarks on a magical adventure after encountering an enchanted book. The new cast members include:



Reina Ueda as Arthur Pendragon, the leader of the British school and one of the three strongest students of the current academic year. Her “Maerchen” is The History of the Kings of Britain. Arthur gives off a dreamy impression, as if she’s somewhat separated from the mundane world, and she mostly bonds with animals rather than people.



Kaede Hondo as Ariko Kasumi, a student of the Japanese school. Her “Maerchen” is Issun-bōshi (“Little One-Inch”). Ariko is a childhood friend of Shizuka, and her family has served as retainers for the Tsuchimikado family for generations. Like the hero of her “Maerchen”, Ariko is physically tiny, but she gets mad when anyone points this out.



And Akemi Okamura as the Headmaster of Japan’s Kuzunoha Academy of Magic for Girls. The Headmaster is an elusive and beautiful women whose age and “Maerchen” are unknown. 



Additionally, the theme song performers for Maerchen Maedchen have been announced. The opening theme will be performed by fhána, while the ending theme will be performed by Reina Ueda, who also provides the voice for Arthur Pendragon.



The story of Maerchen Maedchen follows Hazuki Kagimura, an ordinary girl who loves stories and flights of fantasy. One day, Hazuki is chosen by the original book (“Maerchen”) of Cinderella, and she enters a magical school where students called “Maedchen” learn magic in order to become “Maerchen Masters”.




Every year, representatives of the various “Maerchen” schools from all across the world gather to compete in an magical battle tournament known as “Hexen Nacht” where the “Maerchen Masters” test their abilities through competition. The winner of the tournament is granted a single wish.



The Maerchen Maedchen TV anime is directed by Hisashi Saeto and Shigeru Ueda and features animation by Hoods Entertainment. The series will broadcast in Japan on AT-X, Tokyo MX, and BS11 beginning in January of 2018.



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More Literary Magical Girls Fill Out the Cast of “Maerchen Maedchen”