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"Love Live!" Star Cameos in New "Doraemon"

"Love Live!" Star Cameos in New "Doraemon"

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by January 12, 2018 Anime

“Love Live!” Star Cameos in New “Doraemon”


Love Live! fans will get to hear one of their favorite second years moonlighting in this month’s Doraemon. Suzuko Mimori, known to fans of the idol group as Umi Sonoda, will be taking on a role in the latest episode of the children’s classic.


The episode, titled “Gunfighter Nobita,” sees Doraemon and Nobita traveling to a Wild West town in the 1800s. Mimori voices Elizabeth, the mayor’s daughter, who supports Nobita with her strong sense of justice when he takes on a wicked gang.



Mimori says a role in Doraemon is a great honor for any voice actor to receive. She has been a fan of the show since she was young, collecting manga and character merchandise. As for her character Elizabeth, Mimori admires her strength and looks forward to fans of the show gaining strength from her and Nobita.


The “Gunfighter Nobita” episode of Doraemon airs today in Japan, and includes information on the upcoming feature film premiering this March.


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“Love Live!” Star Cameos in New “Doraemon”