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Looking Back at 10 Wild Years of r/anime!

Looking Back at 10 Wild Years of r/anime!

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by February 18, 2018 Anime

Looking Back at 10 Wild Years of r/anime!

It’s hard to believe, but Reddit’s top anime community is officially 10 years old. The recent milestone isn’t lost on frequent visitors of r/anime, who have been reminiscing and waxing nostalgic on some of the most interesting, funny, and notorious threads. Considering how ubiquitous r/anime is—there’s no doubt we have a ton of crossover members—we decided to join in on the fun.


Like a sitcom bottle episode in which we’re all stuck in an elevator, let’s take a flashback-worthy look at some of the unforgettable topics that have made r/anime an enduring staple of the community!



The Debate-Worthy Contests


How often have you gotten in an argument about who the “best girl” or “best guy” is in an anime? If you frequent r/anime, the answer is probably every damn day for the past decade. There’s been no shortage of contests during that period, from all-encompassing Favorite Anime of All Time showdowns to closer looks at the best individual characters. Years later and a mere glance at the resulting brackets is still enough to bring out your finest debatin’ words!



The Vital Research


Sometimes anime inspires you to take an even deeper peek into its logistical underbelly. For instance, are anime boobs aerodynamic? Please believe an engineering student took the time to conduct a proper study and post their findings on r/anime! This is a testament to the hot-blooded spirit of otaku, who will go to any length to find an excuse to closely examine how anime boobs operate. 



The Controversial Opinions


It’s natural for there to be controversies surrounding major contests, but sometimes a single isolated opinion can stir up some serious flames. Maybe you think ERASED is overrated, or that Steins;Gate is simply not that good. The latter was such an iconic controversial review that it sparked many similar posts, all of which fueled plenty of debate and counterpoints worthy of their own threads. You know the rule: Your favorite anime sucks.



The Live Reactions


The anime industry is kind of ridiculous at times, and r/anime has been there for live reactions at pretty much every turn over the past 10 years. How about the time when Symphogear season 4 was announced, and before r/anime even had a chance to fully celebrate they followed up with a season 5 announcement? 


Or the discussions that coincided with the endings of divisive shows like The Lost Village? How about that ending, indeed. 


Or reactions to some of the greatest Sword Art Online fan art of our time? 


To 10 More Years and Beyond! 


As much fun as everyone’s had over the past decade, this is no doubt just the beginning for r/anime. In case you didn’t notice in the first anniversary link in this post, there are plenty of anniversary events going on over at r/anime. If you’re not a member of the community already, it’s never too late to get started!

Source: Anime News
Looking Back at 10 Wild Years of r/anime!