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London Calling: "Fate/Grand Order" Fourth Singularity Heads West

London Calling: "Fate/Grand Order" Fourth Singularity Heads West

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London Calling: “Fate/Grand Order” Fourth Singularity Heads West


Gudaos and Gudakos in North America will be getting their next mission to the past this month: Fate/Grand Order‘s Fourth Singularity, taking place in London in 1888, will be launching before Christmas.


The new adventure takes on a steampunk theme as you and your Servants brave the fog of England to battle automata, mechanical golems, and a new range of Servants — some of whom may be convinced to come over to your side. The Singularity sees the in-game premiere of Mordred (Saber), Nikola Tesla (Archer), Altria Pendragon (Lancer Alter), Paracelsus (Caster), Charles Babbage (Caster), Henry Jekyll & Hyde (Assassin), and Frankenstein (Berserker). Jack the Ripper and Nursery Rhyme will be making their first appearances outside special summons and the Santa Alter event, and Shakespeare and Hans Christian Andersen will be joining the story, too.


Jekyll & Hyde will be a reward for completing the Singularity.